Woo I figured out how to get rid of the automatic spell check on Safari.

Okay so some things I forgot to mention about working last week:

•I can’t prove it, but I’m positive I make better tips when I wear my contacts.
•I waited on some guy who flagged me down and called me “Amber.” Which means in the past few months I have been called Lauren, Sarah, and Amber. Only the latter was from someone I waited on, but still, I’m pretty sure my name is Jami.
•I waited on some guy I had waited on two other times. He saw me and asked if he could move to my section. He was with his daughter the other two times, but she is away at school now. In fact, she was the one who remembered me the last time and had requested me. Anyway, over the summer he told me The Cubs would not make the playoffs and that I should write that down. I would have made a bet with him, but I didn’t think I would ever see him again. Dangit.
•I left an apple harvest chicken salad (dressing on the side) in my fridge overnight and ate it the next afternoon. To my surprise, the apples were completely fresh and not brown at all. It was amazing.

I decided not to try to pick up a shift on Saturday night, even after getting a text from a co-worker asking me to work for her. I figured I wasn’t supposed to be home, and felt bad about not going to the wedding, so it wouldn’t be right to make money or hang out with anyone, etc. I didn’t even go to services on Saturday, but we already established that I am a bad person.

But on Saturday night I did make challah for the first time. On Sunday I made some of it into french toast and it was muy delicioso. I feel really stupid saying this but I had no idea that honey was an ingredient in challah. Also I think the french toast tasted especially good since I made the bread from scratch. I very proud of myself.

My Mom sewed a new strap onto my purse, so this buys me more time.

I found out the Red hot Chili Peppers were supposed to perform one song one time and that was supposed to be it. I thought that was interesting. Things happen when you least expect heh.

The Salvation Army people that stand in front of stores and ring bells bother me. One, because I never have cash on me and I feel guilty that I don’t have anything to give them. And two, because they only stand there this time of year, and it makes it seem like people should only give money around the holidays and that people who need help financially only need help around the holidays. If they’re going to stand there to raise money it should be everyday, and not just this time of year.

I won Rachelle’s 50 question Full House quiz and that makes me sad. It’s never been a favorite of mine, so that just makes it really sad that I knew so many answers. Now if it were FRIENDS or BMW that would be different.

The people downstairs have their heat on so it’s like a sauna in the living room and kitchen. But at least we don’t have to pay to have the heat on in those rooms. It’s pretty nice even if it is super hot.

Kerry Wood being re-signed: good idea or bad idea? Discuss.


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