Okay, I have a new plan. Screw going to school this summer. I’m just going to do next semester then take a break and transfer to National University after I move to SD. They only require a 2.0 to transfer heh. This means I didn’t need to change my lease to a 12 month, so I will now be paying a few hundred more than I need, but it was worth it to have ensurance I would have somewhere to live this summer since I thought I would be staying. But I need to be done with school soon, at least for the time being. I just can’t be in school or in Charleston after May. And I’m not quitting. Plus this way I can work this summer to save money. I still should probably wait til August to move. We’ll see. This also means I might be able to go to Israel with Devar for three weeks this summer, but I’ll have to think about that. I should e-mail Kirk and tell him, since he asked me 10 times already if I’m going lol. Holy crap I feel better. I also hadn’t told my parents yet I have to take classes this summer, so now I don’t have to. Oh this feels so much better. I so happy now.

And I know I always said if I took a break I wouldn’t be able to go back, but this feels right and I know if I didn’t finish my bachelor’s degree, and soon, I would feel like a huge failure. Plus this school is mostly for people who are starting or finishing late, so I won’t be older than everyone else lol.

And now I don’t have to worry about stupid writing intensive courses/senior seminar/electronic writing portfolio.

And this means I can take 15 hours next semester (I’m taking bowling again) since I’m not on a time crunch anymore. Huzzah!


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