Does anybody remember that one episode of Doug when they made an extra day of the week called “Funday” and it was part of the weekend? I need a Funday, especially this week. I have like 47 papers due tomorrow (plus reading a book) and more Tuesday and Wednesday. Though I doubt I would actually use Funday to work. I would just spend all day telling myself I need to start working on papers and then get on Facebook and play Scrabulous. So basically Funday would be Sunday part 2.

Speaking of old school Nick shows, I can’t remember what made me decide to search on YouTube for “Figure it Out,” but I did and they had a full episode. And suddently I can’t remember why I stopped being in love with Danny Tamberelli, because he is just wonderful. I looked him up on IMDB to see what’s he’s up to now. Someone posted on the forums that he has Facebook and will add you back if you add him. So I added him and sure enough. And I know it’s actually him because of the e-mail address and photos of him. I asked him to be my boyfriend, but I have yet to receive a response. He’s a Mets fan, but I’ll forgive him. Our children will be very freckley.


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