Engligh is crazy/I’m going to be in a play?/I threw a Chanukah party

I don’t know if anybody else has heard this before, but I just heard it tonight for the first time. The word “ghoti” is Latin for “fish.” Ghoti can actually phonetically be pronounced fish using English’s crazy rules or lack there of.
F = the gh in cough
I = the o in women
SH = the ti in vacation
That’s so crazy.

So I was going to write about this yesterday then I talked to my GM and was really upset and it put a huge damper on the news. I’m feeling better now 1) after sleeping 2) after talking to the co-worker I had been with and she told me she would talk to him for me. I really love this job and I need the money/need to keep the job also to transfer to SD, but the way I see it is, if she talks to him and he still decides he doesn’t want me working there anymore (I haven’t technically lost my job, but yeah), then I probably don’t want to work there anyway. But this really isn’t fair.

Anyway, the news is I’m going to be in a play next semester, I guess. I auditioned on Sunday. It was a show I had heard about this summer or last semester, can’t remember which and thought it was cool and went back and forth about auditioning but yeah. The show is called “Crosstown.” If you are from Chicago you can probably guess what that means. If not, it is about a Cubs fan and a White Sox fan who are in a relationship together and their relationship has ups and downs depending on how well the teams are doing lol. So I auditioned for the play and got the news last night I actually got a part. Btw this is a student written/produced show. I guess the guy didn’t like me for any of the parts but really wanted me in it so he is a writing a part for me. I don’t know how many lines but he said I would be in 3-4 scenes. This is so strange to me, after not being cast in any shows in high school and having my director say to me “you’re useless as an actor” and now I am having a part written for me. It still hasn’t sunk in yet so I don’t really know how I feel. Kind of mixed emotions.

Okay I threw a Chanukah party tonight. I only invited people who have asked me legitimate questions about my religion. Including me, Elizabeth, and her boyfriend who came down here for the weekend, we had eight people. Some people I really wanted to be there couldn’t make it (including Anne and Ted and Ted actually called me last night tell me they really wanted to be there and they missed me at the wedding and want to take me to dinner sometime). I made challah, noodle kugel, and doubled the latke recipe. Elizabeth made ‘Israeli burgers’ (ground beef, parsley, cumin, onion…I don’t know what else and you eat it in a pita with hummus) that Noam gave me the recipe for. And I found a recipe for Israeli cucumber salad (cucumbers, yogurt, mint, garlic, olive oil, parsley, salt, pepper, you eat with pita) but knew I wouldn’t have time to make it (because I just found it this afternoon, figuring we would need some vegetables) so I called Elise and asked her to make it. It was a tad on the garlicy side, but it was wonderful. Also Jen brought her chili cheese dip that I love, Shane brought a pumpkin pie, we had brownies, etc and I cannot even believe how much food we have leftover. The only thing that went quickly was my kosher cream soda lol. I porobably shouldn’t have made twice as many latkes. They will probably be making friends with my freezer soon. Yeah…so much food. But I proud of myself that I made things unsupervised lol and my Mom wasn’t answering her phone when I had questions, but everything came out wonderfully and everyone seemed to like everything. Also people wanted me to teach them how to play dreidle. They loved it but I also now have a lot of leftover gelt that I’m not going to eat, though I think Elizabeth, Phil, and Kevin were using them as poker chips heh.


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