I have so much stuff I need to do right now and was supposed to go home today (after I finished all of it) but can’t do any of it because…this morning one of my tires was flat. It was fine last night I don’t know what happened. Midas still has my car and I can’t do anything until I get it back, because I know if I start doing something they’re going to call and then I lose my concentration, which I can’t concentrate on it anyway. So I’m going back tomorrow.

Then I meet with the GM tomorrow and find out whether or not I still have a job. :-

Also my Dad was supposed to have surgery tomorrow but it got pushed back to Monday.


Oh and one of my teachers brought us free food to our “final” on Monday. She brought my two favorites: nacho cheese Doritos and BBQ pork. Yum yum! I think if you’re going to bring food for the whole class you should bring something everyone can eat. She’s from out here, so I don’t expect her to realise it’s against some peoples’ religions to eat pork, but there are vegetarians too.

Oh and they’re offering a class next semester about Anne Frank and also one about the Holocaust. Both only offered as Friday night/Saturday morning class. I thought about e-mailing the teacher about that, but I figure she didn’t pcik the times. But that just goes to show how ignorant people here are.

EDIT: It turns out there was nothing wrong with the actual tire, it was the vavle that was leaking. So they replaced the vavle. They also washed my car! Not that it was really dirty, but yay! (I’ve still never driven through a car wash lol)


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