A musical comparison of the jobs I’ve had

Who decided public businesses should always have music play? I understand where they are coming from, but I think it is mostly a bad idea, since not everybody likes the same music. Unless the restaurant or store is themed and a certain type of music would go along well with the concept (ie: Portillos 30s themed restaurants play 30s music and their 50s themed restaurants play 50s music, etc).

All of the jobs I have had (except babysitting, dogsitting, or Quigs [if Quig’s played music I don’t remembe]r) have had music constantly playing in the background. Now I am going to compare them:

Sears– The music they played here was so strange to me. It’s muzak, but it was muzak version of pop songs. I would hear a song and know that I knew it but it would take forever for me to figure out what song it was, because nobody was singing the lyrics. Later I would realise that song was Backstreet Boys or Santana and Rob Thomas. I am really glad I left this job before the holiday season. I don’t think I could take muzak Christmas music when I don’t like Christmas music to begin with.

Six Flags– Since I was mostly working at the front gate here we got to listen to the carousel music all day long, which was interrupted once an hour for the “show” they did that consisted of the Vengabus song (We Like to Party) and “Everyday’s a Party at Six Flags.” The carousel music was annoying, but it was fun to drum to when we were bored. Everyday’s a Party at Six Flags was fantastic and I searched hi and low for an mp3 but struck out. I was never a fan of the Vengabus song and hearing it once an hour made it even worse. Then there was the two weeks when the Six Flags Party Bus was parked out front and would play that song on loop literally all day long. I would be in the parking lot once a week so when that was there I got to hear it all day long, plus the music from the hourly show was loud enough that I could hear it in the parking lot. This has gone down in history as my least favourite song ever (that I can think of lol).

Rainforest Cafe– Okay I don’t know who is in charge of picking the music that gets played here, but they shouldn’t quit their day job (unless their day job is picking music). For some reason they decided that the music should have a ‘tropicalish’ theme, which is basically like reggae and…I don’t even know how to explain the type of crap they played, but it was terrible and it would get stuck in your head real easily too. It got even worse during the holiday season when they played Christmas music in the same style as the other crap they played before…then left the Christmas music on a week into January.

Red Robin– When I started working here this summer they were playing pop music from the last, maybe five years. I enjoyed most of this, but not “My Immortal” by Evanescence. We pretty much all sang along with most of the songs. The best part was male coworkers singing the high part of “If You’re Not the One” by Daniel Beddingfield, loud enough for everyone in the restaurant to hear. When I came back from school for Thanksgiving break they had changed the music. Was still pop music, but a lot of it was from the 80s and 90s, which was hilarious. I definitely enjoyed it. Now I have come back for winter break and they are only playing Christmas music. Fortunately it is a combination of the following: 1) The music is a lot quieter than usual, probably because a lot of people who work and eat there are Jewish, 2) when the restaurant has a lot of people in it it can get a little noisy, 3) I have been busy enough that I can’t pay attention to it, that I haven’t really heard it. For the most part it seems like it is just standard Christmas songs, including Feliz Navidad, pop Christmas songs, and The Chipmunks Christmas song. Hopefully the Chritsmas music will be gone on December 26.

High School– Yeah I didn’t work here but, for some reason, for a little while Junior year they decided to play music during passing periods (DMB, John Mayer, etc). They eventually took it down because people wanted to stay in the halls and listen to the music. At least I think that’s why. Anyway, it was strange that they played music, but I did enjoy it.


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