EDIT: I was going to ask if anybody wanted to go see the Star Wars exhibit with me at the Museum of Science and Industry but it’s sold out.

My Mom discovered Second Life. She got addicted to it but the computer kept crashing so she bought a new computer. I don’t know how she can afford it. Also she actually paid money to buy Second Life currency, though apparently $5 gets you $1200 SL.

I went to Woodfield last week. got extremely lost both ways. Realised I definitely need a GPS. Bought a $250 one for $150. It won’t let you type in the name of the location you’re going to (say you’re going to a restaurant, you can’t type in Olive Garden or Kopps or whatever, etc). I have to return it. Since the main purpose of this is for when I move I definitely need that feature. If anybody wants to buy me a GPS…

I tried Chipotle for the first time. I didn’t want to eat there since they don’t have ground beef but I was invited to go with some coworkers so I went. I got a chicken burrito with medium salsa, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce. I wanted guacamole but didn’t want to shell out an extra $1.50 or whatever for it. I thought about getting pinto beans, but am really glad I didn’t, since I later looked on their web site and it says they’re flavoured with bacon. Why? Anyway, when I frst started eating it it was just alright. Then it grew on me. Was pretty good but I didn’t think I would go out of my way to get it, especially since I think it’s overpriced. By later that night I was craving it. I haven’t had it since then but will eventually. The burrito was huge, but it still didn’t fill me up. Also I wish they had horchata there to wash it down.

I watched the original ending to the movie Little Shop of Horrors. It is closer to the stage version. I definitely didn’t like it. The link is here if anybody wants to watch it. It’s 23 minutes long.

S!J brought me Koala Yummies and strangely flavoured Kit Kats from Japan (see pictures on Facebook). The only Kit Kat I’ve had so far is Green Tea. I won’t be able to try the others for a month. I’m not a big Kit Kat fan to begin with, but they’ll be interesting to try (apple, mango, matcha green tea, and chestnut).

I saw Kris Bauernsmith at…the store he works at (left out for privacy reasons).. the other day. I wouldn’t have recognised him in a million years. I knew I knew him but at first I thought he was Neil Stratman. Yeah I dunno. Thank God for nametags. I think I would make a good man because I could look at girls’ breasts without them noticing. Once I saw a shirt that said “tell your boobies to stop staring at my eyes.”

Red Robin is so overstaffed right now that I was only scheduled for one shift this week. The good news is that it’s a Saturday night shift, so that counts for two. I signed up to work tonight (Erev Christmas…they were open til 8:30) but wasn’t scheduled. But it could be worse, because some people didn’t get scheduled at all. Or the one shift I was scheduled for could have been during a really slow night or a lunch shift.

Last night I had…I want to say I had a really off night, but it was more like I just felt like I was really off. I don’t know how to explain what I was feeling, but since I got my period today I can only assume it had something to do with hormones. I’ve never had problems with feeling like that before. Actually I vaguely remember this happening over the summer. I just felt like my head was about to fall off, I don’t even know. Just having one table of two people was making me nuts and it’s not even hard. And I didn’t see one of my tables for a while and I dropped honeymustard on my shoe…so weird. Maybe the reason I never noticed it before is because whatever I was doing was probably just bumming around and waiting tables requires a little more thought and activity, but it was so weird. Maybe I shouldn’t work the day before I get my period anymore. I can’t imagine seeing in the request off book someone asking off because they are about to get their period haha.

I’ve been trying to avoid deciding whether or not to go back to school, but the break is only three weeks so I have to decide. I forgot I’m in a play next semester and I forgot Bill Nye is coming.

Reasons to not go back:
•I hate school. If I’m going to get through it at all I need to be at a different school and I need a change of environment.
•I won’t have financial aid at all and my appeal for last semester fell through. Especially since I’m not getting many hours at work and it’s been slow I definitely won’t have enough money to get me through next semester if I don’t stay and work.
•I’m running out of room on my credit card and my parents can’t help me pay for anything (or else they would buy me a GPS).
•I always ask myself why I’m there. The classes I signed up for next semester are just filler classes. I’m going to transfer anyway, so why waste time and money on filler classes?
•Can’t work while I’m taking classes. I have enough trouble doing my work.

Reasons to go back:
•…Yeah no idea…

Yeah I feel bad leaving Elizabeth by herself, but I really have no reason to stay. Our lease says we can’t sublet. I’m going to call the landlords in a couple days when ‘Christmas’ is over and just say I’m not coming back but I’ll still pay rent. But if there’s a problem not to call me because I won’t be there. Maybe by some miracle of God they’ll tell me I can sublet and I might actually be able to find someone to fill the spot, then I won’t have to pay rent, electricity, and cable for an apartment I’m not even using. Yeah I haven’t talked to Elizabeth yet, but I need to call her before I call the landlords. And I want to make sure I have worked all that out, plus officially withdrawn from Eastern (what do I need to do for that?) before I tell my parents so that there’s no way they can argue with me. I want to move by June now but I can’t if I’m still paying rent for there. It’s just too much money. So I probably will still be here til August. Also I should probably tell the guy doing the play that I’m not coming back…

Oh and I feel better about going to the 20s conference my birthday weekend now if I stay here. I told Noam I’ll be needing an ice cream cake from DQ.

Oh and I’m done with Baskin Robbins because they changed the Daiquiri Ice and it’s so gross now. But this reminds me now that I’m ‘most likely’ not going back to Eastern I actually get to stay around my REAL food. Also apparently there’s a Walker Brothers in San Diego (well Richard Walkers, but same diff). It’s like all these Chicago locations and then randomly San Diego. I haven’t eaten there is so freaking long but it’s nice to know I’d be able to get an apple pancake if I wanted to.

Friday night we had a 20s Shabbat dinner. Since it was last minute only 14 of us showed up. I’m really glad Nikki decided to come because she only knows a couple people. And she actually decided to come to services at Devar on Saturday. It’s funny because she lives 15 minutes from there and 45 minutes from B’Nai and I live 15 minutes from B’Nai and 45 minutes from Devar.

It was funny to hear David Paige try to explain the difference between a slut and a b*tch to one of our Mexican co-workers last night lol. Also, he, once again, told me I have a really good voice for musical theatre and could probably still pursue it. Seriously, best compliment I’ve ever gotten in my life, but 4.5 years too late.

If you haven’t seen the new Mac holiday commercial:


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