I saw “Across the Universe” last night. Julie Taymor is so amazing. It makes me want to see The Lion King. Anyway, the movie dragged on a little longer than I would have liked, but it was pretty good. I don’t know if I would see it again though. Oh there was a big plot hole in it though, one of the characters was drafted into the army and had to fight in The Vietnam War, but he didn’t have any brothers. In real life they would not do that. I also think the other character who enlisted in the army should have enlisted in the navy instead, so that he could travel in a yellow submarine. Although i don’t think the navy had a role in The Vietnam War, but then again what would a movie be without a couple plot holes?

I won Rachelle’s most recent TV trivia quiz as well, even though I only got like 30 questions out of 70 correct. Since I have won all three of them, I also win at not having a life.

I forgot to mention I checked my bank account last week and my IPass account was replenished. This means I have driven through $40 worth of tolls since the end of July/beginning of August. How did that even happen?

I decided to be brave and actually try the chestnut Kit Kat. To my surprise it was actually pretty good. It didn’t taste like nuts at all and I might actually eat it again, given the opportunity.

They ran out of gingerbread syrup at Red Robin the day my Mom asked me to bring home a gingerbread shake for her. Sad.

At least three people I know have gotten their wisdom teeth out recently. Also I saw a comment on someone’s Facebook that says something like “everyone seems to be getting their wisdom teeth out at this time.” That plus the fact I had almost this entire week off is probably a sign that I should have gotten them out now anyway. But umm I don’t want to? Lol. I really don’t think it’s necessary right now. Plus if I got them out my teeth would shift and I would probably need to get braces again. Not something that I want. Oh well.

I had Chipotle for dinner tonight *sigh*. I was told the reason it didn’t fill me up last time is because I didn’t get rice or beans (though I suspect it also had something to do with my working a double shift that day, and I get really hungry being around all that food), so I decided to get beans tonight (the vegetarian ones, not the bacon ones) and I had trouble finishing the burrito, when I had pretty much inhaled it last time. I don’t see how beans could make that much of a difference. Also the one in Vernon Hills is about $1.00 cheaper than the one in Wheeling. It’s a good thing the one in VH is closer.

I also stopped at Vitamin Shoppe beforehand because I saw this drink Celsius on Unwrapped last month and I wanted to try it. I’m not that big of a soda fan, but, hey, if it burns calories! Anyway I figured having it with Chipotle is a good idea lol. I can already feel it working and it’s a lot less expensive than a Jamba Juice with burner boost in it. Yay for burning calories while being lazy.

Also, according to my footprints log, apparently the entire Republic of Korea got together today and read my Xanga:

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