So my gym shoes are like two years old and starting to fall apart a little bit so it was time for new shoes. I went to the Skechers outlet store in Pleasant Prairie/Kenosha last night (after eating at Kopps where I had a black raspberry shake mmm). They don’t really make shoes with blue on them anymore boo. There was one pair but they didn’t have real laces, they were elastic and you couldn’t adjust them and they kept slipping in the back boo. So I got this pair that are almost entirely white, but the girl in me went for the ones with a little bit of silver glitter (don’t make fun of me) because all white is boring. Also these are all leather and the others I wound up getting sick because part of them is mesh and I stepped in a huge puddle and it soaked right through. It was also buy one get one half off and I don’t have any dress…ish shoes so I figured I should see if I can find a pair so I don’t have to keep wearing gym shoes to services heh. So I did find a pair that I like. They look dressy but the soles are just like gym shoes soles. So comfortable. They do have the blue ones online but it would have cost me $10 less for that one pair than it did for two pairs at the outlet store.

So the flyers for the 20s conference came out and have been sent to all the UMJC congregations in the Midwest. So I look at the flyers and all it says on there is the dates and the town it’s in. They don’t have the times, hotel name, or price listed on there. All it says is to look at the Kabbetz HaEsrim web site, which would be fine if the web site had been updated in the last year. But it hasn’t. This conference is less than two months away. They better figure things out if they actually want people to show up.

Every once in a while I realise I can probably pray to do well at work. last night was on of those nights. I wish I could always have shifts like I did tonight. I made $159 in tips alone in a little over four hours (but after tip out and wound up giving $12 to a coworker I walked out with $127, which is still more than I’ve ever walke dout with before. The most before was $123 but it was for seven hours instead of four). And my sales were only a little over $600. Anyway, some family randomly left me $20 on a $78 check and I didn’t even really do anything. Then the guy that told me The Cubs wouldn’t get into the playoffs came in with his wife and wound up giving me $52 on a little over $30 dinner. And I gave $12 to David Paige since that table was in his section and he let me have it, plus I’ve gotten now five extra shifts in a little over than a week because of him. I probably should give him a lot more but he didn’t even want to take the $10 as it was.

Also a couple people have made comments to me about Mark Prior. Okay The Padres signed him three days ago and I decided long before that I was going to move. Plus why would I want to follow him anyway when all he does is suck at life? Lol j/k.

Oh and my stats on Scrabulous are going to go down because one of my games my words won’t show up but the other person’s will and his score accumulates and mine doesn’t. Of course this didn’t happen until the 4th move so by then it’s too late to delete the game. I sent a message to the Scrabulous people and they never responded. Boo!


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