People keep telling me I’m going to miss snow when I move. Yes, I like looking at it, but I do NOT like stepping in it or especially driving in it!! We had a quasi blizzard tonight lol (well not quite but I worked for five hours and came out to about 4 inches of snow covering my car). I think my heart stopped three times while I was driving to work. I’m really glad there was no 20s NYE thing tonight. I never would have made it to and from Skokie. Driving back wasn’t as bad because there weren’t many people on the road so I could go 30MPH. Except that genius here forgot to brush the snow off her headlights. I was wondering why it was so dark, even when I turned my brights on. I seriously hope they actually plow tonight. It’s scary driving when the roads are this bad.

Also, I want everyone to know I haven’t showered since last year hehe.


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