Today it was 61º outside here. I feel like I should have gone outside and washed my car or something. Are we sure it’s January? Not that i’m complaining…

I did something a few days ago I don’t normally do and that’s buy a CD. I bought Chris Daughtry’s CD. It’s pretty good.

I know two more people who just had their wisdom teeth out…hmmm…

I made over $400 Saturday through Friday (seven shifts I think). We now have to wear pins that advertise the forthcoming movie “Fool’s Gold.” I watched a trailer for it and it looks so stupid. I wasn’t supposed to work Friday but somehow got conned into working a double, even though I said I can’t work Friday nights, but my coworker that needed Friday night picked up was so desperate she was going to pay me. I didn’t take the money but it did lead to a great “That’s what she said,” which I will post at a later date. Oh also I had five hours of sleep on Thursday night because I didn’t think I had to work heh. Oh well.

Yeah so that was interesting working a double on that little sleep. Also we ran out of straws that day and all we had left were wrapped straws. I heard a rumour we’re switching over, but I’m not sure if that’s true. But it’s strange because we just hand them straws (and one per person) instead of putting one straw in eac drink, including refills. So I would go to grab a straw and then realise. Plus I would keep the straws in with my pens so when I would go for a pen the straws would be there. It’s fine, but it we switch over I have no way how I’ll be able to tell the difference between Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, and Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers is Coke with grenadine in it. We don’t have Cherry Coke so you have to make it. But actually grenadine is pomegranate and not cherrt, but shhh), so yeah that’ll be interesting. Also having wrapped straws makes me want to go Ed Debevics on them and throw the straws, btu I can’t do that heh.

I finally told my parents I’m not going back. I told my Dad over a week ago because he kept asking me when I was going back and I just couldn’t avoid it. He wanted me to pay him $500 not to tell my Mom lol. I finally told her on Friday, because she was asking me when I was going back. I didn’t realise my Mom dropped out her final semester of college (she did eventually go back and nearly completed a Masters Degree as well). They were surprisingly understanding. Elizabeth…I can’t tell…she says she’s fine but she seems upset. I feel really bad. I haven’t had time to call the landlords yet, and I haven’t officially withdrawn from Eastern either. I need to figure out how to do that. But my part in the play has been recast. Now I just need to re-get on direct deposit at work since it kicked me off of it when I went back to school in August. Yeah I’m feeling good about this decision. I’m not working Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, so I’m going down there in those days to move out and see some people for the last time. I’ve already had three people ask to hang out with me. The only problem is I won’t have my computer with me. My Mom said I can bring the lap top, but it’s an iBook G3 and I don’t think I can even get on Facebook with it lol. We had it in California and it was…interesting lol.

We finally found someone to take Ivy. Marni’s friend’s Grandma. I had a bad feeling about this but my Mom didn’t listen to me. Anyway, I’m not sure what happened, I just know after two days they called Marni and told her she had 10 minutes to come get Ivy or they were taking her to a shelter. Nice. So now Ivy’s back and she’s disoriented and sick and threw up all over the family room. Welcome back, Ivy.

Last night we had a college/20s ‘open mic night’ thing at Devar. It didn’t last very long. Noam is house sitting for someone so he invited us over afterwards. There were seven of us. We ordered pizza (which they messed up on and sent shrimp pizza haha) and had a dance party to 100% Pure Dance which is like the best CD ever. (Rhythm is a Dancer, Another Night, Macarena, Don’t Turn Around, Come on Ride the Train, etc). Plus the fact that it is owned by an older guy from my congregation is even better It’s all the fun of a roller rink without the skates and the roller rink smell. I can’t find the CD on Amazon. I should make like a roller rink mix CD. That would be great haha.

Oh also Noam asked me to sew a button onto his suit coat, since one of the buttons had broken in half??? It was a button that was just for decoration and he didn’t have an extra one, so I just took the same button off of the other sleeve too and sewed it into the inside of the coat as an extra and then stitched up the sleeves since I had taken the thread out they came undone a little. Then afterwards I asked him how he doesn’t know how to sew since he was in the Navy. He said he sews really well but he just wanted to see if I would do it. Gee thanx lol.

I tried a banana shake from Red Robin the other day. It was so amazing.

I’m not nearly as lost without my shows as I expected to be. I still have Ace of Cakes (no I haven’t seen the Wrigley Field episode yet, but I did see the one where Duff had just delivered it…great) and at night I pretty much always have Nick at Nite on, though they are pretty much showing the same episodes of Fresh Prince Over and over again. At least George Lopez is new to me (even though I still think it’s too new to be on Nick at Nite, oh well). They just started showing reruns of Drew Carey again, so that is exciting. The talk shows have all started again, but there were only two that I ever watched (Ellen and Conan) and I can’t watch either of them ever again because they both crossed the picket line. I read Jenna Fischer’s blog and she said if the strike doesn’t end soon The Office may be done for the rest of the season. The reason she’s upset about that is because Jim and Pam finally got together and she doesn’t get to find out what happens lol. Also, the new seasons of Reno 911! and American Idol are starting this month. I hope someday I have someone who cares about me enough that he won’t let me watch American Idol lol.

I had a classic Jami moment tonight. Oh it was great. So my Dad doesn’t watch The Office, and he’s kind of…gullible…yeah…so I told my Mom we should get one of his letter heads and send him a fax from the future. My Mom thinks it’s great so we tell Marni too because she has to be the one to get one of his letterheads, since she lives with him. So tonight, for some reason, we were all at his house. I was there to watch home movies, I have no idea why my Mom was there. Then my Mom and my Dad were both watching Desperate Housewives. My Mom comes into the other room to tell Marni and I to get one of his letter heads. My Mom goes back into the other room. Marni finds the letterheads and hands me a couple of them. A minute later I walk into the other room to ask my Mom something, completeley forgetting I had the letterheads in my hand. My Dad says “why do you have my letterheads?” Awesome. Real nice, Jami, real nice. Yeah, that one’s going down in my book lol.

EDIT: Dude, how come nobody told me the Harlem Globetrotters are going to be at Eastern on Tuesday night??? Maybe I should see if I can still get tickets, since I’m going to be there. I mean, I’ve seen them before, but that would be cool.


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