All babies want to get borned

Aimee: What about Mexicans?? Wait, nevermind; I’m Puerto Rican.

So I went down to Eastern Tues-Thurs to move my stuff out. I had six or seven people tell me they were sad I was leaving and to make sure I saved time for them. I called all of them on my way down to school and Melissa was the only one that called me back, including someone who left a hoodie at my apartment, and someone I owed money to (okay it was only $5 but still). But yeah whatever. I did get some amazing peanut butter pie from Niemerg’s though.

I talked to the landlord and she said it would be perfectly okay to find someone to sublease and she’s going to try to help too. I posted an ad on Facebook and MySpace. I hope it’s not too late. Pray that we can find someone to take over the lease, someone who Elizabeth likes. I hope I don’t have to pay rent for somewhere I don’t live. Elizabeth said not to worry about paying for utilities, so it would be $270/month, but still.

Not being in school I kind of feel like a loser because I haven’t finished. I don’t know when I’ll be able to go back because it turns out Eastern won’t forward my transcripts anywhere until I pay them over $4,000. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that before January, but we’ll have to see. On the other hand it feels really good not to have to worry about classes.

So I was thinking about it and I could probably come up with the money to go to Israel this summer. I really want to go. I really feel like everyone around me is getting/has gotten a chance to go and I’m the only one that can’t. Even so, I don’t think this is the right trip for me and I feel like I should be waiting for a different opportunity. Plus I would be missing three weeks of work if I went AND if I am trying to move this summer, being gone June 15-July 6 is not good. Blah.

We had another 20s Shabbat dinner. Not many people. We had lukewarm Lou Malnati’s, since there is ‘no spending money on Shabbos’ the pizza had to be bought before sundown. Psh.

Aimee invited me to come to California with her this week but I would have to pay for my own plane ticket, plus I would have to take off of work and I already asked for time off next week anyway. She is letting me borrow her GPS all of next week. There’s a Mishpocago event at Heather’s apartment next Friday so I will be able to use it for that too. The only problem is I can’t parallel park. Oy.

I watched the first episode of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” really only because of Dr. Drew. Jeff Conaway…it makes me so sad. He’s just in such bad shape I can’t believe it. He’s worse than Ozzy Osbourne. It’s so sad. I’ve been watching Jeff Conaway since I was like 4. It just makes my heart sad.

A few days ago Molly and I were rolling silverware [at work] with this guy Mikey I just met over Thanksgiving. Somehow the subject of Jews eating treif came up (all three of us are Jewish), but also somehow so did the subject of dating. Molly and I don’t eat trief, but have both dated gentiles. For some reason this really irks Mikey, who loves bacon. He starts yelling at us, telling us it’s even more blasphemous to date gentiles than eat pork and we ‘might as well date an Arab’ etc etc etc blah blah blah. I said I’m from Mundelein, there are no Jews there, I haven’t had an opportunity to date any Jews yet, it’s not my fault. He says “I don’t care where the h*ll you’re from” blah blah blah storms off in a fit of rage. Like 5-10 minutes later our GM walks up to me and laughs. I asked what and he said Mikey was in the office complaining about Molly and me because we don’t eat pork but will date gentiles lol.

Oh and I FINALLY have text messaging! Well I’ve technically had it since this summer but it was limited, so I didn’t want everyone to know, and as of a few days ago it’s unlimited. My Dad finally changed his mind because Marni has been racking up the bill. Text messaging is wonderful amazing I love it so much. Yay!

Also, I ordered two boxes of Thin Mints and one box of Tagalongs. It may have been more if they were $4 a box????!!!


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