“Everybody bang Jung tonight.” -one of my coworkers whose last name is Jung, singing along to the song “Wang Chung”

Now you can reply to Xanga comments and it will send you an e-mail notification. Woohoo!

It’s been so freezing in my room. I finally figured out, my Mom closed the vent when I was at school to save heat for the rest of the house. I’m so glad I figured it out. Much better now!

Last night I saw the episode of American Idol season 2 where Clay Aiken got cut from being in the top 10 (12). It was strange. I could tell he had a better voice than Ruben and Kimberley Locke, but he was so nervous that his performance wasn’t as good. But I think I decided I am going to continue to watch this season, because his voice is just so amazing. I’ll just mute the TV when Carmen sings .

I got my oil changed today. They also refilled my wiper fluid and vacuumed the inside of my car!

I had an oatmeal apple cookie last night. it was delicious.

The unthinkable happened tonight. I found a purse!!! Yeah it’s overstuffed and really heavy. The straps aren’t as long as I would like, but the other one is falling apart so much I just had to get one. I also actually bought a wallet too.

I just found out Shellie also lost her financial aid and is home now. So I may actually have someone to hang out with.

Saturday services were really interesting. Kirk doesn’t allow women to read from the Torah (I need to ask him why he’ll Bat Mitzvah but not call up women for Aliyah). We have a really small congregation to begin with and since it was nose hair freezing weather outside we had even less. There weren’t even 10 men there so of course Kirk can’t even OPEN The Ark. I mean seriously. Okay so he calls up me, Aimee, and Amy M to do Aliyah, but only reading in English. And no nobody pulled out their camera phone to take pictures during it, because that would be inappropriate…*shifts eyes*…but Aimee wound up getting a splinter while she was up there so it was funny. But I had to perform surgery on her to get it out. Since I’m the one who carries the first aid kit with her it was just assumed that I would be the one to do it. And I was able to get it out. I was proud of myself.

Also Aimee let me borrow her GPS all this week. I need to think of places to go that I don’t normally go to haha.

And since the Superbowl ISN’T going to be Patriots vs. Packers, I don’t have to give up on football. Go Giants lol.


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