What do I care for snow or sleet, my tummy is full of Cream o’ Wheat

Noam: Jami, you need to get married and get laid.

Wednesday David was in town on a layover on his way to Israel for six months. I thought it was going to take a lot longer to get to Ohare than it did because my Dad said there was a lot of construction, but it only took like 45 minutes. Aimee let me borrow her GPS this week (not that I really needed it to get TO Ohare, but had it on anyway to get used to it), plus the signs were really easy to follow, so I did find the parking garage with no problem. I also didn’t expect to find parking within like three minutes…on the Cubs level hehe. Also the spot was really close to the elevators and I actually had a harder time finding the actual garage I parked in than I did finding my car. Probably the first time ever I was able to locate my car right away (it wound up only costing $4 to park there, so yay). So I got there really early and had a little over an hour to just sit around and stare off into space, which was fine.

Btw I found an amazing flight tracker. It’s really cool and a little bit creepy. It has real time tracking and will show a map of the exact location the plane is, ex: flying right near Yuma, Arizona. But it is really helpful if you are meeting someone at the airport, since it says the estimated time of arrival and also the terminal it will be landing at.

Anyway David needed to be back at the airport an hour and a half before his next flight, so we only had like a little over five hours total, including driving to and from the aiport. but somehow everything wound up being timed perfectly, not only did we have time to do everything I had wanted to take him to, but even with getting lost (thank God for the GPS), elevator doors that wouldn’t close, and me backing into a pole (I mean that last thing never happened…*shifts eyes*…), we wound up getting back to the airport exactly 90 minutes before his next flight.

Since it was so cold outside my Dad suggested taking him bowling and to the Art Institue blah blah blah, but he’d never been to Chicago before and I wanted him to be able to SEE Chicago. Except for the weather and the people, it really is a cool city. Anyway, I think I did a good job planning this out. We covered a lot of ground, and he seemed to be enjoying himself. We parked in the Millennium Park parking garage and I took him to see The Bean, since he likes taking pictures. I was surprised when he wanted to walk all the way to John Hancock, but there was like no wind at all, so even though it was in the single digits outside, it didn’t feel that cold, at least before sunset. Plus I was wearing two pairs of socks, thankfully. I think I was actually a little colder than he was (once he figured out how to wrap his scarf ), but if you ask my Dad he’ll say it’s because I don’t drink enough milk lol. So we walked down Michigan Avenue to John Hancock. I showed him the water tower. I had bought our Hancock tickets online beforehand to save time, since when I went over the summer we had to wait in line to buy tickets, then there was a half our wait to even get into an elevator, both on the way up and way down, and I wanted to make sure we had as much time as we could, so I was surprised when we got there and even had the elevator to ourselves on the way up. Though the doors wouldn’t close and we spent five minutes trying to figure out if we should tell someone. It turned out they wouldn’t close because the door in the hallway was open?? When we got up to the 94th floor there were only two other people there so we obviously didn’t have to wait in line to get back down. It was snowing so I didn’t think we’d be able to see that well, but the view was more clear than I had expected. The only thing we really missed out on was the view of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana, so we obviously didn’t miss out on anything lol. Then afterwards we took a cab to Al’s Beef. It was still rush hour so it took like 15 minutes to drive to Ontario and Wells from Hancock. I feel bad that I couldn’t take him to get really GOOD hot dogs, but he liked them anyway, so it’s all good. Then we took a cab back to Millennium Park to get back to the car, which is where I backed into a pole. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t really embarrassing . Fortunately there were only two tiny pieces taken out of the plastic covering on the back headlight and no other damage. My Dad was a little upset when I told him, but it could have been worse. It’s my fault for not looking behind me *sigh*. Then we took the scenic route to the Planetarium to see the skyline. The sky wasn’t so clear but it was still a nice view. I actually had never seen the skyline from there, except in pictures. Then we drove back to the airport and tried the rest of those Kit Kats from Japan. I didn’t like the matcha green tea, mango, or apple ones, but they were interesting to try. The GPS was great because I was able to put in the exact terminal we needed to get to.

I’m surprised I haven’t gotten sick from being in the cold for that long. That’s a good thing though.

I had lost a tube of chapstick, but found it tonight in my car. I guess it fell out of my coat pocket.

Also, I am officially out of the running for the “Whitest Tennis Shoes” Dundie Award this year, after stepping in really muddy snow. Boo.

Supposedly Tom and I are having dinner tomorrow night, but we all know how that turns out.

I got some Wensleydale cheese with cranberries in it. It’s delicious. I also tried mango salsa. It was really just diced mangos with like cilantro or something. It wasn’t spicy at all, but ti was still good, even though I don’t usually like cilantro.

I have mixed feelings about my new purse. I don’t know what to do.

Tonight I went to a Mishpocago event, which turned into a really weird scavenger hunt that involved a lot of outside. Though our team opted NOT to walk into Lake Michigan, we lost. I’d rather lose than get sick. Also J4J paid for those of us who were there to have a drink (I had a mediocre chocolate phosphate) and dessert or soup at The Bagel.

I literally just had my wiper fluid filled up on Monday and the light is going on already. I’m not going to miss driving through snow at all.

There’s finally an official 20s group at Devar. We’re going to be having a weekly bible study and a monthly Shabbat dinner, so I am excited about that.

I have kind of a belated…new years resolution, if you will. As much as I hate it here, as unhappy as I am here, there’s a lot I have to be grateful for that I take for granted. Ex: a roof over my head, parents, a job, a car, etc. So I think from now on I should be fasting once a month just as a thank you to God, and hopefully make up, at least a little bit, for all the complaining I do. I don’t think I’m going to do the 48 hour thing again, because when I did that before, it took way too long for food to get back into my system and I was really dizzy, but I should probably do around 30 hours. Guess I will play it by ear. I feel the 15th of the month is when I should be doing this. The 15th or a day around that time when I’m not working. I don’t think working in a restaurant would be conducive to fasting.



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