Jami: *sarcastically* That sounds like fun…
Rachel: Zero fun!

“I’ll do Pepsi lines with you.” -Anonymous

After paying $53 for $35 birth control pills, I was inspired to go out and rent “Sicko.” Don’t watch this movie unless you want to get depressed about living in America. Cuba even has a better health care system than we do. How sad is that?

Last night was my first shift in a week. It was a nice break but time to make the money again.

Right now I’m only being scheduled for morning shifts for some reason. I haven’t been making that much money (maybe $30 in tips on average), plus it’s mornings. I would obviously rather work nights. So I prayed for better/more shifts then like an hour later got a text asking me to pick up last night. I also wound up picking up tonight. As it turns out, this time of year, I do better in the mornings. It was so slow last night and tonight I couldn’t believe it. I still miss Saturday night shifts though. Even if it’s not packed, it’s still Saturday nights.

I’m also limiting my availability a little bit, because I want to start going to this 20s bible study on Wednesday nights. But I’m not being scheduled for anights anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Last night we wound up getting re-GEMed. Only one table each though, and we weren’t supposed to know about it til after. Anyway only three people (out of seven) wound up passing and I wound up with the 2nd highest score. This is funny to me, since I’m probably the only person working there who failed them during training and never re-did them. In fact the only other person I heard of who failed them was Paco and he had to redo them. But he doesn’t work there anymore anyway so yeah.

I’m in the process of becoming a RECOVERING American Idol addict. I missed it last Wednesday when I was out and had asked my Mom to record it. I never got around to watching it. I also missed this week’s episode of Rewind (not THAT big of a deal) and told my Mom I didn’t need her to record it tonight. So I should be fine. However I need to watch Hollywood week. Group day is the best thing EVER. Okay not really, but I love it.

Also there turned out to be a little more damage on my car than I had originally seen. There’s a small dent near the tail light, but I guess it’s hard to see in a dimly lit parking garage. Blah.

I’m super excited about the NKOTB reunion tour!! Okay not really. I never got into their music. I just like referring to them as “NKOTB” hehe.

Check out today (Tuesday’s) weather forecast (both the high and the low)!!:
Picture 2

Oh, Chicago, I won’t miss your weather at all…


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