I feel like I should make an entry.

I’ve mostly been working. We had some Hannah Montana madness for a while, since Lincolnshire was the only theatre within like a two hour radius that was showing the movie. I had a party of 19. The next day I had a party of 18. The day after that (I think) I had a party of 12 and it felt like nothing. Other than that it’s mostly been slow. I’ve been switched to mornings, since a lot of people have school. The few nights I’ve picked up have been even slower than the mornings, so I guess it’s better this way. I’ve been going to bed earlier, even by 1:00am once or twice. My ultimate goal is to be in bed by midnight every night, but baby steps lol.

There was also one night I picked up but it was snowing like nuts and it wound up taking me 50 minutes to get there (I was told to just take the night off because they were so dead) and about an hour and 20 minutes to get home. Yeah that was awesome.

I’ve been feeling like terribleness the past few days. I finished off my chicken soup and had to switch to deli soup since I don’t feel well enough to buy the ingredients and it takes so long to make blah blah blah. Saturday night I had a small section (two two tops and two four tops with leaves, meaning the biggest party I could have was a six top), so I was grateful to that, thinking it wouldn’t be that bad, since I was sick. It wound up being extra nuts though and I made $98 in tips after tipping out $18, so that was crazy, but nice for my bank account. Yesterday morning I wound up working five hours (I normally work like 2.5-3 hours on mornings) because three people left without rolling silverware so the new manager asked me and Molly to roll it all. There was a ton, but he bought us each a milkshake (I got strawberry banana mmm) for rolling it all.

Friday night I went out for Kristina Hager’s birthday. I hadn’t seen her in like three years and have barely talked to her in the last four, so I was surprised when she invited me. It was nice to see her though. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, but the one in Round Lake. I wasn’t going to get chicken, but Shellie told me the real reason the Hooters in Vernon Hills closed is because they lost their liquor license five times (for serving minors) and corporate told them they were done, so I figured it would be okay to eat chicken from BWW haha. I tried the medium sauce and mango habanero sauce, both on the side. The medium was spicier than Hooters but was way too vinegary for my liking. The mango habanero made my mouth be pretty much on fire, but it was worth it. So good. We saw Scott on the way out. I said hi to him and he completely ignores me and says “Hey, Shellie.” Wthay? He hates her. He then asked me if I voted for Obama and that was the whole conversation. Then today he sends me a message on MySpace asking me to join his fantasy baseball league. He’s dumb.

After BWW we went bowling. We played two games. I got scores in the 80s both times. Not bad considering I haven’t bowled in nearly a year and couldn’t find a ball the right weight.

It turns out I can buy Koala Yummies right here in Mundelein! Yay!

I am thinking of buying myself this for my birthday.

Oh, also we got a new music system at work. It’s like an ipod and it downloads new music every morning, so we like never hear the same song twice. it’s amazing.



  1. @tsunamifirestorm – ha i can’t remember actually. i was using an 8 and it was too light and my friend found a 10 and it was a tad heavy, so i’m gonna go ahead and assume it’s a nine (yeah, i’m weak), which sounds right to me. it sucks because i remember the colour of the ball i used in my class last year, but that doesn’t help cuz they’re not all the same. the bowling place we went to the other day was ghetto and the balls didn’t even have weights listed on them and, except in the really heavy balls, the holes were WAY too small.btw was that you on aim the other day or was someone else on your screen name?

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