Anonymous: I’m in so much pain right now.
Jami: What happened?
Anonymous: I’ve been having like really hardcore sex for the past three weeks…

I’m watching Ace of Cakes and they are making a cake of girl scout cookies and I am upset because mine haven’t come in yet. Poop.

Not even counting deciding to leave my congregation, I’ve had a really…interesting week:

Monday my Dad had off so he wanted to take my car in to get estimates on certain dents. The plan was he would pick up my car while I was at work, take it to a couple places, and bring it back. When I got to work I realised I left my phone in the car, and since my Dad would be picking my car up, I needed my phone with me. So I go out to my car. I don’t what made me go in through the passenger side, but thank God I did, because when I get there, my right front tire is hissing. I definitely did not drive over any pot holes; I have no idea what happened. Unless it is the same thing as what happened in December, where the valve was leaking. Anyway I call my Dad to warn him my tire will probably be flat when he gets there. So he calls AAA, they put on a donut, he takes my car int o get the tire fixed and it turns out I need new spark plugs, a transmission fluid flush, some belts are fraying, my car needs to be alligned, and something was wrong with the brakes. Wthay? This all costs around $700 and we haven’t even gotten to the body work yet. This is my birthday present from my Dad. I have a feeling this is the last birthday or Chanukah present I’ll be getting from him ever. My car is only four years old, why is it falling apart?!

Wednesday morning I knew something bad was going to happen when I didn’t get stopped by the train on the way to work. Unfortunately I was right. I had a table pay their bill of $26.01 in cash. They said they didn’t need change. I put the red book in my apron…or so I thought. It turns out I must have just set it down somewhere and someone took the money. I looked through every red book I could find. Anyway it turned out that that was all the money I made too. Well I made $1, but only because the guy that was bartending knew about it and he told me not to tip him out. The good news is it was ONLY $26. Also, instead of them just saying “oh well” or whatever or yelling at me for being stupid, they bought me lunch so that I would at least have something. So I was very appreciative of that.

I’m still sick, but feeling generally like crap turned into a cold which has now turned into something with my lungs (who even knows) and still a little generally feeling like crap (though two Jamba Juice with immunity boost did help a little…see bottom of the entry). In fact I turned down a party of 10 this morning and a party of 18 tonight (the latter of which racked up a $200 bill) because I’m not feeling well. That would have been so much more money and especially after yesterday I could have really used it, but oh well.

Marni just started working at Olive Garden a couple weeks ago. The other day she was bragging about how she is making so much more money than I am. Then the next day she slips on ice and sprains/breaks her ankle. She is on crutches for at least two weeks (longer if it turns out to be a break) and can’t work. She has also moved back in here until she gets better since my Mom is always home and my Dad is never home.

The 20s conference is this weekend. As of Tuesday there were almost 45 people registered. The deadline was on Wednesday, and I’m sure more people registered then. Kirk got an extra room for me, Aimee, and Shachar. I need to figure out how to tell him I’m not staying there without telling him I’m leaving Devar.

On another note I tried two underground Jamba Juice drinks this week. Moonberry, which is apple juice, raspberries, strawberries, frozen yogurt, and lime sherbet. It was okay. Then today I tried Pink Flamingo which was so amazing: lemonade, raspberry juice, raspberry sherbert, frozen yogurt, and strawberries. Mmm so delicious.

EDIT: When I was in middle school I saw a really cool exhibit at Navy Pier. Some art students were given a project to turn Yugos into something else. I found pictures online. Click here to see.


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