So I took my car in today to get the tire fixed. Just as I suspected, there was a leak in the valve. They said they would replace it at no charge. So they come back out 20 minutes later and tell me one of the lug nuts is stripped, because the AAA guy put it on at an angle and they’re going to have to cut it off, which will cost $12. Not a big deal, but frustrating. They didn’t tell my Dad last week what was wrong with my tire, just that they didn’t find anything in it. So I’m assuming that it was the vavle on that one as well, which would mean valve leaks on three different tires. If this is true, it would behoove me to have them replace the valve on the 4th tire, just as preventative medicine. My Mom suggested I call NTB in Vernon Hills, where my Dad took it last week, today I went to the one in Mundelein. So I call them and this is part of the conversation:
Jami: I brought in a flat tire last week and they never told me what was wrong with it, just that there was nothing in it. I was wondering if you could tell me what was wrong with it.
Guy on the phone: How should I know what was wrong with it?!
Jami: Well can you look it up?
Guy on the phone: No! It’s already gone to corporate…blah blah blah.

Yeah, that guy wins at life. Thanks for your help. So I decided to have them replace the 4th valve anyway. They have to charge for this one. Fine, better than having yet another flat tire and having to deal with this a 4th time.

Hopefully everything will be okay now. The only problem is I just realised they rotated my tires last week…*sigh*…


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