Month: February 2003

I memorized my monologue during gym while I was walking around the complex. I didn’t mess it up while I was auditioning. We’ll see tomorrow if I get a call back and cast list goes up on Friday.

Tonight was madness. We finally did costumes, and I actually have a NICE dress that FITS. Except that my fat stomach shows a lot, and when I bend down to do the hand jive, the audience will be able to see my cleavage.

Act 1 Scene 4…the bedroom scene…DISASTER in every way, shape and form. We don’t have pajamas, so we have to dig in our closets for pj’s now and Christi said she’s so desperate that she doesn’t care if they look period…except nothing with like SpongeBob or something after the 50’s. I don’t own any pajamas! First time with the cigarettes—Erin freaked out when lighting the match and put it out right away. Oh and she had problems opening the pack and getting one out. Then there was the wine, which was sparkling grape juice and fizzed out EVERYWHERE, including all over my Pink Lady jacket, which is mondo expensive. I was terrified to drink from it cuz I drank right after Bridget and we all are afraid we’re gonna get Mono now. Twinkies are so disgusting. Not only did I eat mine, but I ate Sandy’s too because she left the room and didn’t finish her twinkie. And I had to say some of my lines with my mouth full, which Christi said she liked. Then don’t even get me started on the dance for Freddy My Love.

I got to coach Lindsay on “There are Worse Things I could Do.” I told her to pucker on all her vowels, and during rehearsal, to point up during notes that she flats. She sounded way better. I found myself standing off stage saying “Good girl” when she puckered her vowels. That’s a Dabelowism haha.

Blake is now, i guess, going out with this girl in the chorus. He asked her to a movie in front of me the other day and I guess they hooked up while I was gone last night. I knew, as soon as I heard about it, that he was trying to make me jealous. Everytime he has his arm around her, he looks at me. And I was sitting on Frank’s lap and Blake looked so jealous and he talks about her in front of me. I don’t care. I’m not jealous. That makes me so mad that he would even try. Ugh. Oh and he had the cast give me a round of applause because I ate the stupidtwinkies so convincingly and I hate twinkies.

I don’t have to be in Shakin at the HS Hop because Dan never learned the choreo. Thank God. That song should be shot. It’s not even on the original Broadway soundtrack. Wanna know why? Cuz it sucks!


I talked to Brian for 2 1/2 hours last night. Thank God. I’m not worried anymore.

I got happy birthday from Perlini and Brittany Walker today, and that’s it.

My hair just completely did not curl today.

I did my solo and apparently it is the best it has ever been. I couldn’t get the microphone back in the thing though and I eventually gave up and set it on the floor and went to the clump, which I was late for, and I didn’t even go back to my spot.

West Oak performed tonight and they did two songs we did in 8th grade and I really wanted to see them but my Lights dress just would not go on the hanger, and I wound up missing both songs.

I sat in the house next to George after I changed into my master siingers/concert choir dress and he told me my solo was the best he has ever heard it. And then I started freaking out and left the theatre hysterical and he followed me and tried to calm me down. He said that the people behind him were saying if that (the microphone thing) happened to them, they would have died and he said I handled it very well. Jaime Teresi was there tonight and she told me the same thing. Something ALWAYS goes wrong when I do my solo. Thank God my makeup didn’t run from the crying. George hugged me and tried to calm me down and eventually we went back to the theatre. And then he took my hand, cuz I was (and still am) upset about it. It was kinda weird cuz he was also holding Melissa Plucinski’s hand cuz they’re going out. He commented to me “I’m such a player.” And at one point, Melissa let go of his hand to clap and it was really weird cuz it was just he and I holding hands, with his girlfriend next to him. I ❤ George and I sang "Seasons of Love" to him.

I finally found a monologue. If I rush it, it’ll be a minute. If I can memorize it tomorrow, I’ll audition.

I didn’t go to school today. I just didn’t feel well and my mom didn’t argue with me, cuz it’s my birthday. I didn’t wake up til about 2pm, so I slept through school anyway. The second I got online, Brittany Burr sent me an IM saying happy birthday.

As soon as I walked into rehearsal, Blake said happy birthday and then everyone followed. I got birthday hugs from people that I have barely talked to. Jessica bought a card and had the whole cast sign it. My favorite was “Jami, for your birthday you get your first Ian Holland autograph. Enjoy.” And then he signed it. Lindsay put “Have a great 18th.” Lindsay, I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, but your game is up. You’re not my friend so stop acting like you are. And stop spreading rumours about me, or whatever you are saying to Dan. I don’t like him. You can go around telling people that he’s bisexual and that you “clicked” when you went to dinner. I don’t care.

Dan is such a jerk. And I realize it’s because of Lindsay. But he’s still a jerk. The blocking for Mooning just did not happen tonight and apparently it’s COMPLETELY MY FAULT. Umm I dun think so. And he was laughing with everyone and didn’t even say hi to me tonight. Ugh.

I decided I am not going to audition for Our Town. I realize it is my last chance to be in a play at school, but I just don’t have time to get a monologue and memorize it by Wednesday. And I don’t care about straight plays—especially dramas. I just care about musicals.

Anyway, back to Grease. Emma gave me a birthday hug. This guy Frank, who is in the chorus, who I have never talked to before, put his arm around me and was like hitting on me. It was weird.

We only got through act one. I was there for 5 hours and all we did was act one. Tomorrow is act two, but I have a choir concert and can’t be there.

I can’t sleep and I feel like I am going to throw up. I came downstairs to a birthday card from my mom saying that she ordered me a FRIENDS book with the publication date of 5/29/03. Tht’s so far away, I know I am gonna forget about it and then tell her she never got me a present.

I forgot to mention the other day that I had to do a speech and couldn’t cuz I couldn’t talk and Mrs Franco called my mom and told her and my mom said I could tlak fine. Ummm no. I think if I sit out of choir that means it’s bad. I have NEVER sat out of choir before and this is like my 8th year in it.

I just talked to Brian for like a half hour. I complained the whole time. Just like old times. I still stand by what i said last week though.

We finally got Shakin at the HS Hop and Freddy My Love choreographed today. This is gonna be the longest tech week ever. I wish we had 2 more weeks of rehearsal. I am sooo ready for this show to be over though. I don’t think I will even go to the cast party. I’m’a strike and leave. And then I am gonna audition for Little Shop over the summer, cuz I don’t learn.

Blah and bah humbug. This birthday is gonna suck, just like all the rest (except number 16).

Oh and I talked to Meagan Ehrett yesterday. She might come see Grease. I hope she does. I haven’t seen her since my birthday party in 8th grade.

I went to the mall with Karis and Sarah Roman today. We were only there for like an hour cuz Sarah had to be home by a certain time. We went to visit Ian and I tlaked to him for a while. Then we went to visit Dan and I hate him and want him to go away as soon as the play is over. He’s been so mean to me the past week. And I am being told it is because Lindsay is trying to get him to hate me because she likes him. Well it’s working. I hope you’re happy, Lindsay. HE’S GAY. Get over it. I can’t wait for this show to be over. It’s gonna suck too. I just hate everyone in the whole wide world right now and I wish I could just go to sleep and not wake up, because then I don’t have to deal with anyone.

David Connolly is on the cover of the Mundelein Review this week…as he should be ❤

I realized, though, that if I go to school in Toronto 2nd semester next year, I won’t be able to watch FRIENDS. Stupid added 10th season is ruining EVERYONE”s lives!

I have a cold now too, as well as my voice being almost gone. Please pray for me.

While I wasn’t singing today during Master Singers, I realized that I haven’t had choir since Thursday of last week. Friday we did nothing in masters except listen to the Chicago soundtrack and watch the video from Manteno of Hersey, Eisenhower Express, Sound, and Manteno. Monday there was no school, Tuesday was gym and we just took pics at Lights, I wasn’t at school yesterday, today i didn’t sing and there was no Lights during homeroom, tomorrow is gym, I won’t have choir again until Monday (hopefully), and by then, it will have been 11 days. I am gonna die.

Tech week also starts Monday. We got Summer Nights choreographed last night, but Shakin at the HS Hop won’t be done until Sunday and I still don’t know the Alma Mater Parody.

I saw something today that I don’t think anyone has ever seen before—Mrs Franco in a bad mood.

Only 4 more days until I am no longer a kid. What can I do that is really immature?

I’m starting to go through my 4th or 5th “I miss Casey” phase, and I still don’t understand it.

I found Meagan Ehrett’s number. Now I just need to find time to call her. It was in my camp phone book. I saw EJ’s name in there. And now I am thinking about how much I wish he was around. Just because Brian isn’t.

Emma’s REALLY startin to piss me off. I don’t even want to talk about it right now, because I may wind up swearing. Jessica thinks that Emma won’t be ready to go on for the understudy show, and that I will have to go on instead. We’ll see.

I think I am gonna sit out of master singers tomorrow and rest my voice. It will be the first time I have ever sat out of choir. I tried to sit out once in 8th grade, but wound up singing anyway. I would die if I couldn’t sing. I wish I could afford voice lessons.

If anybody knows of a showchoir comp in the Illinois/Iowa/Wisconsin/Indiana ish area that has room for a women’s showchoir, that is not on the weekend of Feb 22, anytime in March, or April 12, PLEASE let me know!!

I still need a monologue for the Our Town audition next week. I better do that this weekend.

I need to call Lawrence. And Meagan Ehrett (if I can find her number). And Lookingglass Theatre—what are the chances of David Schwimmer answering the phone?

We had Lights pics today. Julia did my hair and Sarah Ashley did my lashes, and darn did I look hot.

Sound gets to go to another comp on April 12, but there is no women’s division. This sucks so much.

Blake FINALLY admitted to liking me (after I dragged it out of him). And now that I know, when I say “Man, is it hot in here, or is it just me?” He says, “It IS just you.” I also had on my showchoir makeup at rehearsal, so during Beauty School Dropout, I heard him singing “Well they couldn’t teach you anything, you think you’re such a looker, but no customer would go to you, unless she was a Jami.” It also turns out that he dated someone that I used to go to camp with.

Bridget has Mononucleosis. She was at rehearsal tonight. I think I am losing my voice. Please, God, let me be able to do my solo on Tuesday, and let me be able to play my part in Grease.

I changed the midi cuz I was really sick of the Those Magic Changes midi. So now y’all are listening to the super fast heart attack version of Freddy My Love, keeping with the Grease theme.

They now have Mint Nestle Aeros in the US!

The Simpsons are yellow because Matt Groening wanted people to think the colour on their tv was off.

Grease is wayyyyy behind and those of us that know are stuff are really pissed. Shakin at the High School Hop won’t be choreographed until Sunday, 5 days before opening night. And I still haven’t learned the dance to the Alma Mater Parody. Summer Nights is mega messy. Freddy My Love is not done yet. Ugh.

Becky (Rizzo understudy) wants to set me up with her 20 year old brother, because I will be 18 in 7 days, I’m nice, I’m “cute,” and being Jewish helps. I told her I don’t want a boyfriend right now. She said “Well you can date.” I told her I’m not interested. She wants me to let her know when i’m ready.

I watched the graduation episode of Saved By the Bell before. Mr Belding, on the last day of school, after finals were over, went up to Zack and told him he couldn’t graduate on time because of something that happened SOPHOMORE year. He said that if Zack was in the ballet recital, he’d get the full credit he needed to graduate. I’m sorry, kids, that’s not how it works. Otherwise, I’d be in all the Orchesis shows and I’d be graduating on time. I will hopefully be done by the end of the summer and into CLC by fall. Then maybe I can go to Sheridan College for spring, since they don’t look at your ACT score or GPA (it’s in Toronto). There’s not much info about it on the web site, but that’s where David Connolly majored in musical theatre, so it must be excellent. Plus it’s far. There’s no way anyone from Mundelein would be there. Except maybe Sara! Jane. And it’s not like I’d be leaving anything behind. I don’t have any friends out here.