Month: November 2007




UPDATE: I’ve just been informed I can appeal the suspension of my financial aid for THIS SEMESTER. The lady at financial aid told me my completion rate is 1% under the minimum and my GPA is a 1.97 I think, so I am just under. I also got my notes from health services from last semester that I am going to attach to the appeal form. So I don’t know if I will have financial aid for next semester, but I would rather have financial aid for one semester than for no semesters. So please pray for me. Even if I only have financial aid for one semester I can use it to at least pay for classes next semester.

If I can get my financial aid back next semester I’m 99.999% sure I’m going to israel with Devar June 15-July 6. I’m not sure if I’m getting it back, as I continue to mess up. Pray for me. Even if I don’t get to go, I really need to be able to have my financial aid next semester.


Okay, I have a new plan. Screw going to school this summer. I’m just going to do next semester then take a break and transfer to National University after I move to SD. They only require a 2.0 to transfer heh. This means I didn’t need to change my lease to a 12 month, so I will now be paying a few hundred more than I need, but it was worth it to have ensurance I would have somewhere to live this summer since I thought I would be staying. But I need to be done with school soon, at least for the time being. I just can’t be in school or in Charleston after May. And I’m not quitting. Plus this way I can work this summer to save money. I still should probably wait til August to move. We’ll see. This also means I might be able to go to Israel with Devar for three weeks this summer, but I’ll have to think about that. I should e-mail Kirk and tell him, since he asked me 10 times already if I’m going lol. Holy crap I feel better. I also hadn’t told my parents yet I have to take classes this summer, so now I don’t have to. Oh this feels so much better. I so happy now.

And I know I always said if I took a break I wouldn’t be able to go back, but this feels right and I know if I didn’t finish my bachelor’s degree, and soon, I would feel like a huge failure. Plus this school is mostly for people who are starting or finishing late, so I won’t be older than everyone else lol.

And now I don’t have to worry about stupid writing intensive courses/senior seminar/electronic writing portfolio.

And this means I can take 15 hours next semester (I’m taking bowling again) since I’m not on a time crunch anymore. Huzzah!

Woo I figured out how to get rid of the automatic spell check on Safari.

Okay so some things I forgot to mention about working last week:

•I can’t prove it, but I’m positive I make better tips when I wear my contacts.
•I waited on some guy who flagged me down and called me “Amber.” Which means in the past few months I have been called Lauren, Sarah, and Amber. Only the latter was from someone I waited on, but still, I’m pretty sure my name is Jami.
•I waited on some guy I had waited on two other times. He saw me and asked if he could move to my section. He was with his daughter the other two times, but she is away at school now. In fact, she was the one who remembered me the last time and had requested me. Anyway, over the summer he told me The Cubs would not make the playoffs and that I should write that down. I would have made a bet with him, but I didn’t think I would ever see him again. Dangit.
•I left an apple harvest chicken salad (dressing on the side) in my fridge overnight and ate it the next afternoon. To my surprise, the apples were completely fresh and not brown at all. It was amazing.

I decided not to try to pick up a shift on Saturday night, even after getting a text from a co-worker asking me to work for her. I figured I wasn’t supposed to be home, and felt bad about not going to the wedding, so it wouldn’t be right to make money or hang out with anyone, etc. I didn’t even go to services on Saturday, but we already established that I am a bad person.

But on Saturday night I did make challah for the first time. On Sunday I made some of it into french toast and it was muy delicioso. I feel really stupid saying this but I had no idea that honey was an ingredient in challah. Also I think the french toast tasted especially good since I made the bread from scratch. I very proud of myself.

My Mom sewed a new strap onto my purse, so this buys me more time.

I found out the Red hot Chili Peppers were supposed to perform one song one time and that was supposed to be it. I thought that was interesting. Things happen when you least expect heh.

The Salvation Army people that stand in front of stores and ring bells bother me. One, because I never have cash on me and I feel guilty that I don’t have anything to give them. And two, because they only stand there this time of year, and it makes it seem like people should only give money around the holidays and that people who need help financially only need help around the holidays. If they’re going to stand there to raise money it should be everyday, and not just this time of year.

I won Rachelle’s 50 question Full House quiz and that makes me sad. It’s never been a favorite of mine, so that just makes it really sad that I knew so many answers. Now if it were FRIENDS or BMW that would be different.

The people downstairs have their heat on so it’s like a sauna in the living room and kitchen. But at least we don’t have to pay to have the heat on in those rooms. It’s pretty nice even if it is super hot.

Kerry Wood being re-signed: good idea or bad idea? Discuss.

So I wound up not going back. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep for a while (as always). By the time it was time to get up I wasn’t feeling like I would be able to do all that driving without falling asleep, so I just stayed in bed. I’m feeling awake now and I really wanted to go, but even if I were to leave now without showering and in my pajamas I wouldn’t be able to get there on time. I feel really bad and selfish right now.

I found $52 in my coat pocket that I had made in tips this week and just shoved in my coat and forgot about. I felt so much better, because $354 in nine shifts is just not right.

I have other things I forgot to mention in my last entry but I’m too tired and since I decided to leave tomorrow morning instead of tonight, I have to be out of here by 10am, so I will just post after the wedding.

Wednesday I had my first Hebrew class on Second Life. It was kind of annoying because I told the teacher I still recognised some of the letters but she insisted on teaching them anyway, had to tell me the name and the sound. It was basically review, except that I didn’t remember any of the vowels, But I felt like I was being treated like a six year old.

I just updated Safari and apparently there is spell check. Well not spell check, so much as…if you spell something…or grammar apparently, wrong, it will underline in red. i don’t like it.

I came home on Friday. I went to get my schedule. I couldn’t find this week’s schedule, only Sat and Sun, so I said to someone “Is next week’s schedule not up yet or am I blind?”…forgetting that the blind guy that works there was a few feet away from me…oops! I don’t think he heard me, but I still felt bad. In case anybody is wondering what a blind person would do at a restaurant, he rolls silverware.

I told the girl who makes the schedules that I wanted a lot of shifts. i didn’t expect her to schedule me for nine shifts in five days, but I was wrong lol.

Saturday night was my first shift. I made $123 in tips, including having given away four of my tables, including a seven top. Also, somebody i worked with at Rainforest is now working at Red Robin, but he didn’t remember me. I was also there until midnight (doing sidework, not still waiting tables) then had to open at 10am the next day. BTW if anyone is ever wondering if they have lots of random small cuts on their hands, I suggest cutting lemons lol.

They got new POS machines last week, but I am calling them POA machines for Pieces of Awesome. They are the best. We also now have one more than we did before, which is great because more people can use them. Now if only we could get one more bev station heh.

I have $68 in my checking account right now, so I figured I would have to make $300 in tips if I wanted to be able to pay for my next month’s rent, electricity, cable, and minimum payment on my credit card. I worked a total of 40 hours and made $356 in tips, since it was pretty slow all week (with the exception of Saturday night). Apparently i no longer have direct deposit, so I won’t be able to get the check for my hourly earnings this week until next I am home, but the money I made from tips will be enough for what I need. Then I will be getting my financial aid check in a couple months, God willing. I also now know what it’s like to get triple sat. It’s not very fun.

I also gained a lot of weight in the past couple months (well 7lbs, but because I am so short, if I gain or lose a couple pounds it’s really noticeable), because of all the sugar I’ve been eating and now all the Red Robin food. Time to go back to just drinking water and not soda or freckled lemonade lol.

Right now the plan is to go back to Chuckvegas tomorrow night after dinner. But ti’s snowing right now and is supposed to snow tomorrow too. If it’s snowing tomorrow night I’ll go back on Friday morning, I guess. If it’s real bad I just won’t go back and see if I can pick up a shift on Saturday night. I don’t want to go back yet, but I want to go to Anne and Ted’s wedding.

Also I accidentally ripped my Chanukah banner so I went to Walgreens to get a new one since that’s where I got it last year. I went to one in Lincolnshire since 10 it was on the way home from work (though the one near my hours is on the way too) and 2) Lincolnshire is a very Jewish area. They had a pretty big Chanukah section but no banner. So I go to the one near my house, the same one I got the banner at last year, and I don’t see the Chanukah section. So I ask someone who works there where they Chanukah decorations are and she takes me to the seasonal aisle and says “here are our candles” and they’re like Yankee scented candles. Psh. People are ignorant.

It’s so weird to not be at work right now since I have been there so much lol. And I’m tired. And it feels weird to be able to sit down. Oh, also my GM asked who started calling me “Jammy” since pretty much everyone at work calls me that and I hate it. He asked so he could fire them lol. Now the person who started it finally asked if I like it and apologised, but it’s too late lol. I wouldn’t want him to get fired anyway, because he’s the one who hired me hehe.