Month: January 2005

Okay guys, as many of you know, Wicked is going to be in town from April 29, 2005 – June 12, 2005 and Shellie is trying to get a group of 20 or more to go so we can get a discounted price. So if you are interested in going (I’m not sure which date), let her or me know, k?


Jami: Have you seen Garden State?
Ryan: No.
Jami: Why not? Natalie Portman is in it.
Ryan: I don’t like Natalie Portman.
Jami: Why, because she’s Jewish?
Ryan: No.
Jami: Then why?
Ryan: Because she’s Jewish.

Well I am VERY behind on updating in here, so well see what I can remember, which probably won’t be much.

Okay on the first day of speech, which was, now, almost two weeks ago, we walked in and some chick handed us each a piece of paper that said “One of us is a student. You will each have a minute and a half to introduce yourselves and afterwards you have to decide who the teacher is.” And the teacher, Diallo Brown, had just recently graduated college, plus the fact that he was wearing a Bob Marley shirt and gave us a non de plume (sp?) so it was easy for him to blend in. Anyway, we each had to write down a topic to give a speech on and then we put them in a hat and each picked one and we would be giving them this past Wednesday and Friday, but he wouldn’t tell us who would go which day. So I get to class Wednesday and one person volunteered to go first (this girl Amanda, who is also in my English class and I ❤ her) and then Diallo started picking victims. And I was one of the first he picked because he 'woke up wanting to hear my speech' psh whatever. So I went and right before he told me to start he goes "Jami, you know what I think you should do for a career?" "What?" "I think you should be a sit com writer." Haha riight. Then after class he told me that the coffee shop in Waukegan, that he owns, is going to be doing a sit com (I think he meant sketch comedy show) soon and he wants me to write for it. I told him I will act if he needs me to, but I won't write. And then I showed him my Ashlee Simpson song lol.

So I decided to ask Scott to come to the wedding with me and he said he can’t because he has a poker tournament. A POKER TOURNAMENT?! What is that?! Come on, if the girl you want to date asks you to go to a wedding with her you don’t say no because you have a poker tournament. Jeez. So I am going alone. All by myself.

I really want some key lime pie right now mmm.

Also, I suggested that we go to Hooter’s when we go out and he said that’s real classy for a first date and I told him it’s not going to be a date because I don’t want to date someone I just met, cuz I learned that lesson already and he said just because we go on a date doesn’t mean we’re “dating” and I still said I don’t want it to be a date and I think he was a little upset but he’ll get over it lol.

Ohhh I never mentioned who is in my Film class. Yes, Mr. Ryan Adam Koegel is in it!!! And this class is so boring. I definitely did not expect it to be boring at all. Plus it is a three hour class. So Ryan and I passed notes and played tic tac toe hehe. I also remember passing notes with him during Spanish in 7th grade and Health sophomore year. How old are we? Haha. Ryan do not ever drop this class. For real.

It turns out my American Decades teacher, Leslie Hopkins, teaches World Religions in the summer and she does a unit on Messianic Judaism…how cool!! We are watching Porgy and Bess this week and I am excited. At the end of the semester we have to do a presentation or report on some American who changed culture, but it has to be someone that is not in our vernacular (ie; Britney Spears and Steven Spielberg are not okay), but if we have anyone we want to argue we are welcome to argue it. So, me being the lazy person that I am that does not want to do any research EVER, argued for Clay Aiken and won. Huzzah! And it’s not that I don’t think anyone else would be a better person to do, ti’s just that I don’t really have to do any research for him haha. I mean I could just as easily do Bob Fosse, but Chrissy Knoppel is in my class and she didn’t know who to do so I told her to do Bob Fosse so it’s too late now heh.

Friday was a pretty crapy day, I don’t even know what happened. I did my assignment for English that was due on Friday. And of course the one time I actually do my work is the one time my alarm does not go off and the ONE time my Mom does not freaking wake me up, like she usually does when my alarm DOES go off grr. So I missed English and I missed speech. Dangit. So I was already in a bad mood (thank God I had already done my speech) and then Scott came online and I was talking to him and out of nowhere he blocks me, so I went on SWINGOswaM31, which I like haven’t really used in four or five years, to find out what happened and he said he just wanted to see if I would find a way to keep talking to him (we have yet to exchange numbers because neither of us are phone people) so that REALLY pissed me off so he apologised, he didn’t think I would get so upset over that (duh! that is EXACTLY why it is too early to go on a date!). So then he made me go on iChat so that I could hear him play/sing some songs. And I don’t know why he thinks he’s bad, because he’s not. And he writes his own songs too, so that is cool. But Weezer is his favorite band so he played some of those, which I had not heard before. All I know about them is they sang with the Muppets and Al has a shirt of it and I think they also sang a song about Buddy Holly. Anyway, he played a song about sex and I mentioned that I do not like songs like that and we were arguing which led to him saying that The Bible is the greatest piece of fiction in history. Grrr that doesn’t make any sense to me! How can he believe in God and Jesus and think the bible is fiction? So I said “Listen, I am going to tell you right now that us dating is not going to happen.” I can’t date someone who does not have the same beliefs as me. I learned that the hard way. Twice. And if I am going to do that, I may as well just run a red light at a busy intersection during rush hour, right? He understands, but he is sad. I feel bad, but I didn’t have a choice, and frankly, I am quite proud of myself. I feel this was God testing me and I passed with flying colours. Hooray. It is too bad though, because he is cute.

But yeah as far as the disagreement of beliefs goes…he is in my ETHICS class, so this should be interesting lol. Oh and he said he hopes we can still be friends. Well I have heard that line enough times to know that that and a nickel will get me a hot cup of jack squat. Blah. Oh well, I will live.

So I went to see that movie “Assault on Precint 13” today, with my Dad. Wow, it was actually really good. I was surprised. Except they killed John Leguizamo. Why would you kill John Leguizamo? He is awesome! But now I have to write a 3-5 page paper about it. I did not take notes. Hmmm. I leave you with a quote from the movie…
John Leguizamo’s character: A Puerto Rican guy and a Black guy are in a car together. Who’s driving?
Laurence Fishburne’s character: The cops.

What is with people from American Idol breaking the law?

AMERICAN IDIOT: Turns out there’s a perfectly logical explanation why Leroy Wells’ Tuesday-night American Idol audition was so bad, it was criminal: The gibberish-speaking 21-year-old is a criminal. As a matter of fact, he watched his moment of, er, glory behind bars with fellow inmates at Mobile (Ala.) Metro Jail. Arrested seven times already in his young life, this go-round Jabberjaws was in the hole for failure to appear in court after allegedly discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle and in so doing, shooting somebody. Thus far, no charges have been filed against the youth for his sad, sad Idol appearance.

You are listening to “Rock You Senseless” by Jadyn Maria. She is a Christian artist and part of this song was rewritten for the Herbal Essences commercial. I’ve wanted to get this song on here for a few weeks but I couldn’t find the wav or mp3 anywhere. Not for free anyway lol. So they have it on for 88 cents, which is 11 cents cheaper than iTunes, but the problem is you can’t download mp3s from unless you have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, but they don’t make it that high for Mac yet so we just have 5.2 grr. So I finally gave in last week and bought the stinking thing from iTunes, cuz I really wanted to put it on here. So I try uploading it to my angelfire to get onto here and it turns out it’s not in mp3 format, it’s m4p or something grr. But today I realised I could burn it onto a cd and then convert it into an mp3. GUESS WHO OUTSMARTED ITUNES. HUZZAH!!!

rithimgeetarist: Don’t forget to pray
rithimgeetarist: I did last night
rithimgeetarist: Prayed that is
AquaraChik: really?
rithimgeetarist: Yeah
AquaraChik: what made you change your mind?
rithimgeetarist: A pretty girl

Okay, I take back saying I regret kissing Matt because I didn’t learn anything. But I did. It was something I already knew, but sometimes you just have to learn lessons more than once before you actually get. Like when you memorise lines, you don’t get them down after looking over them once, you have to keep going over them. I am proud of myself for realising that it would be wrong if Scott and I got involved and this time I can actually follow through on that. So thank you to Brandon, Patrick, Jim, and Matt, because I am finally mature enough to handle having a boyfriend (and yes I realise I didn’t date the latter two, but still). Not that I want one lol. Okay I am very pleased with myself and I hope God is too.

These are the most important things I have learned:

1. Don’t date someone who doesn’t have the same beliefs as you.
2. Get to know someone really well BEFORE you start dating.
3. Don’t do anything more than kiss before you are married, especially if it’s because you think you are going to lose them if you don’t.
4. Don’t kiss anyone who is JUST A FRIEND.

Okay so he believes in God. And Jesus. But refuses to pray. So much for that. Oh well, I will live. At least I know now I AM capable of making good decisions. I think this summer was the end of my making bad decisions. With guys at least haha.

Oh, and also, he doesn’t like Shellie. And if you don’t like Shellie, you are probably going to lose anyway, regardless of whether or not you believe in God.

Okay so apparently that is his makeup artist. Her name is Mezhgan Hussainey and she is from Afghanistan. I don’t like this. I have found out way too much information about him from reading other people’s xangas and stuff. I didn’t want to know her name and where she’s from, I just wanted to know who that was! I didn’t want to know his security guard’s name! I don’t want to see a video of him walking Raleigh! Oh my gosh! My newest pet peeve has become CLAYMATES. *shakes fist* On another note, he will be on Scrubs on February 15, he’s got lines and will also be singing. Of course this is during February sweeps, so good job Scrubs on figuring out how to draw in an audience, because I don’t really like that show and I will definitely be watching it!

So we have to watch Singin in the Rain in FIlm and Society too lol.

I heard from Eastern. They said they couldn’t decide on my admission status until I have 30 hours and to have CLC send my transcripts once I acquire 30 hours. So I thought that was kind of good but then they sent another thing and it appears as though they are giving me back my security deposit for housing, plus they said they need my transcripts by August 15, so I guess I’m stuck here again for the Fall. But I have no right to complain.

Okay remember when I said that was the last time I was changing my schedule? Well guess what. Okay I went to Comparative Political Systems on Thursday night and I dropped it because I didn’t have time to watch The OC until late Friday afternoon and that is just a pain in the butt. And the REAL reason I dropped it is because I don’t understand this stuff to begin with and I would also have to write a 6-8 page paper on foreign policy and there is just no way I can do that. So I am going to be taking Intro to Sociology, which does not start until March 15. So yeah maybe I will have to write a 6-8 page paper in there too, and that sucks, but at least I will understand it.

Apparently they cut out two scenes/songs from Spamalot. I am really lucky! They cut out the cow song, which is good cuz that song was awful and she had some of the Carmen Rasmusen vibratto going on, and while it was intentional…well there is a reason Carmen did not win. They also cut out “Burn Her” and the entire witch scene. While the song was not the best, it had really cool effects and well the witch scene is just plain awesome, plus it was more Sara Ramirez!!! Oh well. I saw it and you didn’t

Okay Marni is kicking me off so I am going to have to cut this short, so I won’t write about everything. But I went to Ethics tonight for the first time and met this cool guy Scott who is from Round Lake and in a band with Josh Hauf called “The Midnight Society” from Are You Afraid of the Dark? Lol. Anyway, he asked me for my screen name and we’re talking right now.
rithimgeetarist: Wow you
rithimgeetarist: *you’re pretty useful
AquaraChik: you’re welcome
AquaraChik: haha thanx
rithimgeetarist: Cute too ;-0
rithimgeetarist): You know what is fun
rithimgeetarist: Getting lunch
AquaraChik: haha yeah
AquaraChik: food is good
rithimgeetarist: Ha ha
rithimgeetarist: Yes
rithimgeetarist: Would you like to try it sometime?
rithimgeetarist: I know this guy…
AquaraChik: sure but it’s gonna be a week or two before i actually have money in my account, so not yet
AquaraChik: but i will let you know
rithimgeetarist: Ha ha
rithimgeetarist: I will pay
rithimgeetarist: Just give me your company


I leave you with a joke from my Uncle, who is also named Scott.

So last week I went to dinner with some people from work and we went to a Chinese/German restaurant. And it didn’t sound very appetizing, but I ate there and it was surprisingly good. But an hour later I was hungry for power.

Would anybody like to accompany me to the wedding of Lauren Christine Perlini and Michael Wayne Wilcox on Saturday, February 12, 2005 at 3pm? I need to RSVP by January 25 so hurry up! Lol.