Month: August 2004

Wow you guys really aren’t as smart as I thought, because none of you got the joke.

Second of all, I would just like to say that I am extremely insulted that you think I’d be dumb enough to vote for Bush, especially after I said he should go over there and fight that war himself and stop sending soldiers there. Grrr!!!

Now I’m mad!


Letter From A Concerned Senior Citizen

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a senior citizen. During the Clinton
Administration I had an extremely good and well paying job. I took
vacations and had several vacations homes.
Since President Bush took office, I have watched my entire life change
the worse. I lost my job. I lost my two sons in that terrible Iraqi
I lost my home.
I lost my health insurance.
As a matter of fact, I lost virtually everything and became homeless.
Adding insult to injury, when the authorities found me living like an
animal, instead of helping me, they arrested me.
I will do anything to insure President Bush’s defeat in the next
I will do anything that Senator Kerry wants to insure that a Democrat is
back in the White House come next year. Bush has to go.
I just thought you and your listeners would like to know how one senior
citizen views the Bush Administration.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Sadaam Hussein

EDIT: I just dropped my professional helping skills class on Monday nights. I really wanted to take that. We needed 40 hours of outside work for that class and we had a few choices and I really think God wanted me to work at PADS, but I dropped the class because I am a bad person. I just really want to get out of here and decided to take intro to anthropology instead. It will count towards my A.A. Degree and it will also transfer if I get into somewhere next year, God willing. I just really need to take classes that I know will help me get through college. I can always take that class some other time. But because I wanna get out of here for next year, next semester will consist of 15 IAI credit hours. So 3 IAI hours last semester, plus 12 this semester, plus 15 next semester, plus two years of ASL in high school, plus me working my butt off this semester and next semester = hopefully getting into Eastern. Pray for me!

Well, it’s about high time I write another entry in this puppy.

About a week ago, God decided to bless me with a TON of acne. It’s ALL over my chin and near my mouth. It’s gross. And normally I don’t really care, but it’s never been this bad before. Plus I was starting school and I don’t want peoples’ first thought abotu me to be “Wow, she’s really zitty.” And it hasn’t gone away yet either.

I don’t think I mentioned I went to the doctor about two weeks ago and when they weighed me, it said I had lost 2lbs. And this was since I stopped working at Great America. Which is crazy, cuz I was COMPLETELY dormant in those three weeks. So so far I have lost 6lbs. Come on, body, you’re doing great, only 12 more to go, keep going!!! Does anybody else think it’s funny that the murder victim in “Clue” is named Mr Body?”

I started school on Monday. I like my oceaography teacher. He’s really funny. And he said “I know you guys aren’t interested in oceanography. But the associate of arts degree requires secen credit hours in science and at least one of them has to be a lab and of course you can’t take TWO of them. So after you take environmental biology, you can’t take physics, cuz that’s like a foreign language. So you take oceanography.” And I laughed, cuz that is my EXACT plan. Except I decided to take oceaonography FIRST. Environmental bio is coming later hehe. He also thinks there’s a highlighter colour called “statutory grape.”

Karina from work is in my abnormal psych class. This should be a good class, I am excited.

I found Meghan Yonkers!! She’s been hiding in Deerfield for the past few years, but now she’s at CLC.

English comp 1. Hmm…my teacher is fun, but you can totally tell she just came from teaching high school. We had to do an icebreaker and we did another one on Wednesday. Then on Wednesday and Friday we read a passage and made posters for what it was about. We;re gonna have to do an I-Search paper. Son of a cow!

It turns out that my American pop culture class is a HISTORY of American pop culture class. And my teacher is boring. Rawr.

I heard from Amanda on like Tuesday. I was surprised. She just wanted to say hi. She’s got all her classes on Tues and Thurs (as does Shellie…which sucks). I saw her friend Shannon yesterday. Or ex friend. I don’t even know.

I talked to Chauncey. I don’t know what day that was. Wednesday maybe. Well he realise he might not have to go over seas afterall, because he’s not under contract for his unit ‘up here.’ He’s only under contract with his unit in South Carolina. So he may not be going afterall, woohoo!! He may also move back to South Carolina when he gets divorced. And that is fine with me, as long as he doesn’t have to go fight in this stinking war.

I talked to Ari about the woman in the previous entry. He was going to ask his dad, until I told her that her profile said and he said it’s .org. So yeah.

I used my financial aid to buy an issue of Psychology Today for my own personal use. Does that make me a bad person?

Once I realised that by next fall, I actually WILL have 30+ credits, I gave in and decided to check out Eastern. I actually want to go there now. That’s crazy. But it would be better, cuz it’d only cost half as much as anywhere else I would go. Plus they take ASL as foreign language credit, so I wouldn’t have to take another language there. I really want to go there now. I hope they let me.

Yesterday I skipped my American pop culture class so I could come home and attempt to removed a piece of glass from the bottom of my foot (it’s still there grr) and take a nap before leaving for Milwaukee. Kelly and I found the arena pretty easily. Parking was right across the street and the lot status was about 70% haha. So we got a really good parking spot and it didn’t take forever to leave either. When we got there, we expected our seats to be nosebleeds, but the arena was so small that we could almost see his face from where we were sitting!!! He didn’t have a warm up act, it was just him. However, he did a duet with a girl from the audience and he let each of his backup singers have their own song and another song where they all had a solo in it and he sang backup during those songs. It was awesome. I have so much respect for him. Also, he sang a song about Jesus. Hooray. There was one thing though…when he sang “I Survived You,” he sang it differently than I’ve ever heard him sing it before. He sang it with more emotion. He sang it like somebody who has experienced that would sing it. And I always thought it was about having a bad dating relationship (I always think of Brandon when I hear it), but he hasn’t had time for a relationship. He went from one tour to another. And we would have heard about it anyway. So then my psych major self sat there and tried to analyze him to figure out what has happened in his life recently to make him sing it like that. And then it hit me—his birth dad died. And he didn’t work things out with him. There we go!

So then after the concert we saw his tour bus and a lot of people standing near it. Kelly wanted me to find a place to park so we could go meet him, but I don’t think that’s right to do that. It’s one thing if he’s in a store doing an autograph signing, it’s another to stand around and wait for him. Plus I wanted to get home. I’m not going to write about it, cuz it’s just going to make me mad, but my mom sucks at giving directions and it wound up taking two extra hours to get home cuz we got lost. Grrr. But we stopped at a couple gas stations and EVENTUALLY got home.

I am the Charmer

Charm is seduction without sex. Charmers are consummate manipulators, masking their cleverness by creating a mood of pleasure and comfort. Their method is simple; they deflect attention from themselves and focus it on their target. They understand your spirit, feel your pain, adapt to your moods. In the presence of a Charmer you feel better about yourself. Learn to cast the Charmer’s spell by aiming at people’s primary weaknesses: vanity and self-esteem.

Symbol: The Mirror. Your spirit holds a mirror up to others. When they see you they see themselves: their values, their tastes, even their flaws. Their lifelong love affair with their own image is comfortable and hypnotic; so feed it. No one ever sees what is behind the mirror.

What Type of Seducer are You?
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SandyBoRashe: Hello there dear. How are you tonight?
AquaraChik: hi
AquaraChik: good, u?
SandyBoRashe: My name is Sandy BoRashe I work with jews for Jesus. Tell me, have you experienced the healing powers of Jesus Christ?
AquaraChik: yes
AquaraChik: did you find my on xanga?
AquaraChik: me*
SandyBoRashe: You know God sent his only begotten son to earth to die for our sins so that we may be saved. You should really check it out. I can mail you a brochure if necessary.
SandyBoRashe: No, darling, I found you through our Creator, our Father, Lord in Heaven. He sent me to you.
AquaraChik: i am a messianic jew. already
AquaraChik: i don’t need to re-messianic myself thank you
SandyBoRashe: Have you by any chance hit the local library up for the latest best seller — the Bible. It’s a great book. Full of adventure and all those great special effects you kids love these days.
AquaraChik: don’t you understand? i’m ALREADY a messianic jew. look, i dunno how you found me but you need to leave me alone cuz i don’t need to be preached at about something i’ve known all my life
AquaraChik: and this is annoying
SandyBoRashe: Honey, I’m just trying to help you out. God knows that you need help whether or not you want to admit it.
SandyBoRashe: It’s not annoying, it’s called "preaching".
AquaraChik: if you don’t stop this, i am going to report you to steve katz
SandyBoRashe: Steve? Me and Steve are buddies. He knows about Jesus.
AquaraChik: ugh
AquaraChik: goodbye
SandyBoRashe: Do I need to report you to (773) 509-5027?
AquaraChik: yes, i think you should
SandyBoRashe: Baby Jesus stays up at night crying over you. I just thought you should know that you heathen.
AquaraChik: GOODBYE
SandyBoRashe: Alright well, here in Israel it’s getting around time to go to morning mass. I’m going to add you to my prayer partners list aka buddy list. Have a wonderful God created day!
AquaraChik: i think you need more prayer than i do
SandyBoRashe: You need to let God be the judge of that baby!
AquaraChik: SHALOM
SandyBoRashe: Right now you’re the one not running out and buying God’s latest hit, to fuel the economy He so much cares about. VOTE BUSH THIS NOVEMBER!!! DON’T KILL THE FETUSES!!
AquaraChik: i already have a bible, more than one actually, and i wouldn’t vote for bush if my life depended on it
SandyBoRashe: But…but. With a running mate like God, how can Bush be wrong?
SandyBoRashe: God is funding the war in Iraq. You think God wants those little heathens to live? No. We’ve got to wipe them out in the name of Jesus.
AquaraChik: oh yeah, God loves it when people are murdered. i bet that’s why He made “thou shalt not kill” one of the ten commandments
SandyBoRashe: Are you kidding?! If it weren’t for capital punishment, we’d have no Easter. That’s a three day weekend where I come from.
AquaraChik: GOODBYE
SandyBoRashe: Alright dear! See you in Sunday school!
AquaraChik: i’m a jew, i don’t go to sunday school
AquaraChik: synogague meets on saturdays. if you really work for jews for Jesus, then you would know that
SandyBoRashe: BUT YOU LOVE JESUS! Everybody who loves Jesus goes to Sunday school. It’s like required to get into Heaven,.
AquaraChik: “it’s like required to get into heaven”
AquaraChik:: and how old are you?
SandyBoRashe: Child I am 56. I have spent 56 years of this earthly life loving our dear Creator.
AquaraChik: “it’s like required to get into heaven”
AquaraChik: you don’t sound 56 to me
SandyBoRashe: I’m very young at heart. God has blessed me with youthfulness so that I may spread the word for years to come.
AquaraChik: “it’s like required to get into heaven”
AquaraChik: that’s pretty funny. i may use that
SandyBoRashe: This is no laughing matter. God doesn’t find your hijinks amusing.
AquaraChik: lol

And then she signed off.

Where do these people come from?

Ya know, I’m sitting here, listening to the live mp3 of When Doves Cry by Mr Clay Aiken, and I’m realising that even though Kelly and I have nosebleeds and Tom’s in the 10th row on the floor, we really have better seats than he does. Because he’s gonna be in the CAPITAL of SCREAMING TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRL LAND!!! And Kelly and I will actually be able to HEAR his sexy, sexy voice, which is wha we BOUGHT the tickets for!! Wow, I feel soooo much better now!

Okay just for the record I was not actually listening to Bye Bye Birdie, nor do I own the soundtrack (and I hate it too, thank you, New Trier). Look at the song that it says I was listening to and then read the entry. It was a joke. I do that sometimes lol.

After Matt left, I went to CLC to get my books. Luckily my financial aid went through, so I didn’t have to pay the $404.26 for the books because four out of six of them were not available used…oy. My oceanography book is used but it was the LAST used copy available. That is lucky! One of the books for my American Pop Culture class is entirely about amusement parks, with no mention about Six Flags at all haha. Chapter one: There’s a Party Going on and You’re Invited…lol j/k.

School starts Monday, and since I highly doubt I am going to church with Brian tomorrow, I do get one more day to sleep in. But because I get out of school at 12:50, I can nap when I get home and this will allow me to stay up as late as necessary .


Jenny Gregovich and I went to Gurnee Mills last night. We went to visit Justin at American Eagle. He was wearing a radio.
Jami: Well don’t WE look all high and mighty with our RADIO?
That’ll teach him to make fun people with radios! Lol.

Then we went to see Garden State. It was really good. Lotta Jews, including Rachel’s dad from Friends. It’s funny cuz Natalie Portman was playing a shiksa.

I realised I never thought to thank Matt for this summer. I should do that next time I talk to him.

I need to get out of here like burning. The last time I got out of here for more than a night was DC/LA four years ago. I’ve got a four day weekend coming up. SOMEBODY GET ME OUT OF HERE!!

Anyway, I decided it would be best if I reapply to Ball State for NEXT YEAR, instead of waiting to get my AA. I just really have to straighten up and fly right this semester and get my grades up. Anyway, the reason it would be best is because I really need to get out of here and, plus, what if some of my credits don’t transfer? The longer I wait to transfer the more classes I may have to take again. I did some searching and also decided on applying to Frostburg State University in Maryland and UW-Whitewater. And if I do REALLY well this semester, I’ll apply for the Summer 2005 Semester at Sea. If I don’t ever get into Semester at Sea, I’m planning on studying abroad for a semester in Australia (How’m I gonna be able to afford to pay back all these loans?! Oy!). Granted I actually get into a four year sometime. Pray for me!

Laura Lingeman IMed me today. She told me she moved to California.
Jami: Where in Cali?
Laura: Near LA…Orange County.
Jami: Do you live in Newport?!
Laura: Riverside.
Jami: That’s where Julie Cooper is from!!!

You have a Lost Soul. No one is really sure what
that can always mean, because it can be defined
in many ways. As Legend goes, lost souls were
the spirits of passed away people who are
neither in heaven nor hell. They walk the
earth, brooding mysteriously, always appearing
when you expect it least. So hence, if you have
a Lost Soul, then you are probably very
insecure and shy. Stuck in your own little box,
you watch the world fly by as a loner. You dont
know your place. You seemingly dont have a
place in society or an interest. You are a very
capricious person, and are confused and
frustrated about where you belong. You crave
for the sense and feeling of home-but have not
obtained it yet.

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We could have been so good together
We could have lived this dance forever
But now who’s gonna dance with me?
Please stay…

So here’s what happened. I had decided that it would be best if Matt and I don;t kiss again, por que if he thinks he and Monica are going to get back together, he shouldn’t be kissing someone else. Even if we are just friends. And I made that decision on my own. A rare occurance. And it was a good decision. A rare occurance. And I stuck with it for like two days. But then I was thinking about it and changed my mind. A frequent occurance. But I had a good reason. He KNOWS he and Monica not going to get back together. Whether or not he’ll admit it out loud or even to himself. But somewhere, in the back of his mind or in his subconscious, he knows they’re not going to get back together. Because if he REALLY thought they were going to get back together, he wouldn’t kiss anyone else. Even if we are just friends. Plus the fact that he is leaving and who knows when we’ll see each other again. So I decided it would be okay. But there is always the chance he wouldn’t want to kiss me. Especially since he’s getting over Pneumonia.

Anyway, he finally called this morning. He gave me a 20 minute heads up, which is an improvement over the usual two-three minute heads up. Oy. He shaved off his mustache and I said, as Monica Geller said to Richard, “Your lip went bald.” Hehe. I think he looks better without it. He does too. Which is weird cuz he told me more than once that he DIDN’T like it without. He said he shaved it off cuz he doesn’t need to try and look older anymore lol. So of course for the whole half hour he was here, all that was going through my head was “Are you going to kiss me?” I obviously have an obsession with wanting to kiss him. That is not good. Anyway, he hugged me like a million times and he kissed my forehead right before he left, but that was it. I am pretty sure he was thinking about it, but he didn’t, for whatever reason. And it could be because he’s getting over Pneumonia or because I suck. No, j/k, I know it’s not the latter. But if he doesn’t want to kiss me, then that is fine. It’s prolly for the best anyway *sigh*. I gave him the thimble. He has no idea what it means, but he thought it was really cool anyway, although I don’t know why lol. I told him he has to find out what it means, I’m not going to tell him. But I DID tell him it’s from Peter Pan (how else would he find out on his own?), but I told him he could watch Hook instead. Which is actually better, cuz I just watched that the other day and they bring it up a bunch of times, plus it’s got more action and he likes action. Yeah, so he’s gone. But since I made my peace with it a few weeks ago, I’m okay. No tears. Hooray. He’s coming back sometime…I don’t remember when, I wanna say November, but I am confabulating…for a concert with his roommate and he said he’ll give me a call and we’ll do something. So yeah, that’s it. Oh well.

So I’m never gonna dance again
The way I danced with you

So Brian called me at 8:30 this morning to let me know that church was cancelled today. Heh. Oh well. Next week.

My dad and I went to see Delovely tonight. I did such a good job, I didn’t sing at all! But there were a lot of old people there who were singing and narrating and it was annoying. Alanis Morrissette should not have sung in that movie. At times it was very predictable as to when and what they were going to sing, like at the beginning the guy said “Times have changed” and it went right into Anything Goes. It was funny cuz the set looked like ours and they had dancers up top as well as down and when they started doing time steps, I just laughed. Also when Delovely was playing, I knew the EXACT moment that they were going to sing
See the crowd at the church
See the proud Parson propped on his perch
Hear the sweet beat of the organ sealing our doom
There goes the groom BOOM!…

I don’t need to type out the rest lol. But I was right and it was funny. What I really liked is that it ended with Blow, Gabriel, Blow. I totally did not see that coming at all and it was just a great way to end it. Okay so that wasn’t the VERY end, but still.

Anyway, I think I speak for everyone when I say, hands down, the best memory from being in that play was, “Can I get another rim shot here? But instead of a symbol crash, can I get a hit on the bong?” Also, Jimbob had up an away message the other day that said “I have hot pants for you” and it was awesome.

So I made a decision. On my own. And it was a good decision. And I was very adament about not changing my mind. Which never happens to me. But after seeing that movie…I dunno now. I still think it’s a good decision, but I don’t know if I still want to stick with it. i’ve just been back and forth and I am really ambivalent and this sucks. I don’t want to be specific about this in a public entry just yet. But…pray for me? Thank you.

This entry is going to start off a little sad, but it gets better as we go one. ATTENTION ALL FORMER 180º GOERS…PLEASE READ PARAGRAPH NUMBER THREE (this being paragraph one).

So my layout is gone again. I really hope it doesn’t do this every month! *sigh*

Okay, so Jenni Stukin IMed me the other day and asked if I have Scott [Wakefield]’s e-mail address. I had Dagny’s but I haven’t heard from her in over a year. The last I heard from her she said they were moving to another town in Tennessee where Scott got a job as an associate pastor. Which is awesome. He should be HEAD pastor. Seriously. But yeah Jenni was saying she wanted him to officiate at her wedding someday, which is funny cuz I was totally thinking the same thing a few days before, out fo the blue. But it’s sad cuz he can’t officiate my wedding, cuz I don’t talk to him anymore. That is a huge bummer. Anyway, apparently that’s not Dagny’s e-mail anymore, so if anybody has an e-mail address for Scott and or Dagny or a home address for them, let me know and or leave Jenni a comment on her LiveJournal (see above link). Thank you.

I heard from Matt yesterday. He’s feeling better. His parents moved into a new house and didn’t have an internet connection yet. That’s why I hadn’t heard from him. He’s back at Monica’s now. Apparently what happened is when she broke up with him, he gave her six months. So I guess until then he is just going to assume they’re getting back together. I not going to kiss him on Tuesday (if he even wants to) (apparently he’s staying an extra day now. Well, it’s not set in stone), but I decided I AM going to give him the thimble. I looked in my sewing box and IT WAS GONE! How sad. So I had to search for it. And when I say SEARCH, I mean SEARCH. The floor of my room is completely COVERED in clothes and papers and what not. You can’t even tell that I have carpet. it’s really bad. And thimbles are really small, so it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. But by some miracle of God, I found it. And I am happy! Speaking of giving someone a thimble, Hook is gonna be on tv tonight at 7pm Central on The Family Channel Fox Family Channel ABC Family.

Also, Matt really does not like Tom and he told me I should block Tom. Obviously it’s pointless to block him, even if I wanted to. Cuz Lord knows I’ve tried before (shut up). But I don’t feel the need to do that again. He seriously did change a bit after the last time. Like, he IMs me multiple times a week now and he’s even called me out of the blue a few times. Also, he gives me compliments and makes me feel really good about myself, because I know he actually means what he says. So even though he may be really obnoxious and immature at times, he’s really not a bad person. Afterall, it’s not HIS fault he was raised as an only child heh.

So, now that I am unemployed, I have been staying up til like 2-3:00am every night, talking to Shellie and Brian. Last night I was really tired, so I went to bed at 11:30pm. I knew it was a bad idea, because whenever I go to bed early, I always wind up waking up an hour or two later and then I can’t fall back asleep. But I did it anyway. And I woke up about 1am. And I didn’t want to get up, I wanted to fall back asleep. So I was just laying there letting my mind wander. And it wasn’t helping. One of the last things I was thinking was about how Tom is the only person that gives me compliments. By then it was 2:00am and I still wasn’t tired, so I decided I would go downstairs and go online to see if Shellie and or Brian were on. I got on and Shellie was on, but Brian wasn’t and I figured I had missed him. Blah. Then I checked my mail and there was an e-mail from Brian from 1:30am saying I should be online cuz he needs someone to tlak to and “I miss Jami!!!” Lol. I decided to give him a ring-a-ling and see if he was still awake. And he was. He came online and we had a very nice conversation for over an hour and I am most definitely starting to consider him a friend now. What’s funny is I was joking around with him and he said “Cute girls like you don’t like guys like me.” And it’s funny cuz I was JUST thinking that nobody compliments me. It made my day. He is today’s winner! ❤

I’m on an El Famous Burrito kick. I really think there should be one in my basement. I also really think we should have a basement.

My Jones Soda fortune says: You will find much fulfillment with someone special very soon.

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