Month: November 2003

I want the American Idol CD Karaoke Machine for Chanukah.

Tonight was Thanksgiving Part Deaux. My G-parents sold their condo in Florida, so they’re in Skokie and we went to have din din with them and my uncle. We had to get there early so that my mom could finish cooking something.

My dad got my cell phone fixed the other day, so I decided to call Tom whilst we waited for the food. Okay, it was premeditated, and I recharged my phone before we left. Which is good, cuz I wound up talking to him for an hour, which used up half of my battery! So, I called him to find out how his party went (turns out he wound up not having one) and he goes “Hang on, let me get rid of the person on the other line so I can talk to you.” That’s so awesome. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that before. We had a nice long conversation. He wants me to go on some ski trip with him in two weeks. I’ve never been skiing and I don’t ever want to go. And he wants to watch a scary movie with me so I will hold his arm when I get scared haha. I don’t get scared from scary movies, I get scared from Return to Oz *cowers*. He said I am going to make a good wife because I know first aid. Haha I guess I forgot to mention that I can’t cook and I am lazy!! Oh well, I am not actually marrying him. He gave me his address so I can enter him in this thing on to win a $5,000 shopping spree at some diamond store haha. He said I’m one of the coolest girls he knows. He said he thinks Jewish girls are really pretty (which makes sense cuz he went to Buffalo grove HS) I’m hotter than Natalie Portman. Sometimes I wonder about the sincerity of what he says, because I am not used to compliments at all. So sometimes I think he’s just joking around. So I dunno. Like, if he didn’t pss me off so much, I seriously would marry him. He says we’re getting married on Valentine’s day in a couple months. Lol, I don’t think so. Not til after grad school! We were talkin about how if he had gone to MHS, he would have been in Sound and he would have been friends with Casey Baker, instead of wanting to punch his lights out heh. I took away 22 points from him though, because wehn he had to go he said “Thank you for shopping at Sears.” Lol.

I don’t think we can call this is a journal anymore. It’s turning into “The Chronicles of Tom.” Well, thank God I don’t have a crush on anyone, or else I’d talk about them even more! Lol.


So all of a sudden Thanksgiving is over and my radio station is playing a freakin lot of holiday music. And by holiday music, they mean Christmas music. So I thought I would put some Chanukah music on my page, so I don’t feel left out. Hanukkah Harry gets a point. And so do Moishe, Herschel, Shlomo, and Jon Lovitz.

Word of the day, brought to you by The OC: Yogalates n. An exercise; a combination of Yoga and Pilates.

These are some convos from last night

AquaraChik: i had quiznos for the 1st time last night
twztdbuttafly420: is it good? i think i had it once, but then they put the panera right next to it, so i chose free food over having to pay money for it
AquaraChik: what i had was nearly orgasmic. not that i would know
twztdbuttafly420: lol
AquaraChik: i want more. seriously
AquaraChik: it was 8 inches of goodness
twztdbuttafly420: are we still talking about the quiznos?

AquaraChik: i had quizno’s for the first time last night
OKEEDOKEY: i’ve never had it but when i see the commercials i just want to lick the tv
AquaraChik: that’s how i feel when i see scott wolf on tv

My dad, Marni, and I went to OCB for dinner last night. I saw Haday there. Then we went to see the movie Mystic River. It was good. It was kind of slow though and I figured out who the killer was a good 45 mins to an hour before the end. I like figuring stuff out for myself though and not being surprised. Not citing anything specific *ahem* MATCHSTICK MEN!! lol. Oh, also the best part was when the dead girl was lying on the slab in the morgue and you could totally see her breathing!

Today’s winner is Lawrence Ridgner. He’s impossible to get a hold of, but I did get a hold of him this morning. He was really excited to hear from me, which made me happy. He goes to school in Miami, Florida. He could only talk for a couple mins. Aww. But he gave me his cell number. Yay!

The old memory of the day is brought to you by Sara! Jane Schaul


I buy Japanese newspapers.
I don’t know what it says.
If you ask me what it says,
I will just make something up.

I go down to the corner store.
I get 10% discount.
I go there everyday,
That is why i get discount.

I buy Japanese newspapers.
I don’t know what they say.
If you ask me what they say,
I will just make something up.

Nung, nung, nung, nung, nung, nung, nung.

My temperature went down a little yesterday, and I was excited. But it went back up again today. I’ve had le fevre for over a week. But at least I can eat now.

I told Dr Girard that I am going to be a psych major. He didn’t seem to care all that much. Am I surprised? Heh.

Shellie is mad because we can’t work it out so that we have classes together next term (although I may try to sit in on her Acting II class cuz Todd, Blake, Justin, and Shauna are going to be in it. Maggie has Principles of Acting I with Justin haha). She said we’ll have to have a perma lunch date. Which is fine with me. BIG improvement from not having anyone want to eat lunch with me junior year. I asked her when she is planning on getting her license. She said hopefully sometime before August. Haha!
Jami: At least we will get our licenses before Frank.
Shellie: Dude, we’ll get laid before Frank!
Jami: I just realised I’m not going to be having sex for at least 8 years.
Shellie: That’s pretty sad.
Jami: I’ll still get laid before Frank.

Christian Silva randomly sent me an IM today. I definitely have not talked to him in four years. I liked him a for a couple weeks freshman year. Course I liked a lot of guys. No, that is an understatement. And, unfortunately, a lot of them were real winners, like Brandon and I even liked Clinton for like a day, freshman year. That’s how you know you’re desperate lol.

Tom is going to be home this week and he said he’s having a party and invited me. I want to see him, but going to his party would not be a good idea.
•He’s 21 and there is going to be massive amounts of alcohol.
•He’d prolly try to pressure me into drinking.
•All his friends are going to be drinking; I will not have fun if I am the only one not drinking.
•I don’t want to be around a bunch of drunk people.
•I don’t drive. My mom is not going to come get me in Wheeling in the middle of the night.
•He told me he’ll only have a few drinks and keep it under the legal limit and drive me home.
•I don’t care how little he has had to drink, I will never get in a car with someone who has been drinking.
•I’m not much of a partier anyway.
•Robert will probably be there.
•Tom acts differently around Robert. He’s even more immature than usual!

Here is my new comeback line when people insult me…I’ll teach your grandmother to suck eggs! And, yes, that is from Ren and Stimpy (Happy Happy Joy Joy). I think that will definitely throw people off…
Person 1: Bite me.
Jami: I’ll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!!
Person 1: Wtf?
Jami: Hahahahahaha.

“If you think I did a good job tonight, my name is Clay Aiken. If you don’t, I’ve been Ryan Seacrest. Goodnight.”

Wow, it’s been forever since I have updated. I’m definitely still sick, but I am feeling better. Plus it’s bothering me not to write. I don;t think I’ll remember everythign I want to say, but I shall try my darndest.

This is from Monday
Elva: I’m half Mexican and half white, because my dad is from Texas.
Jami: How does that make you half white?
Elva: Some people think Texas is part of Mexico, but it’s really part of the United States, so my dad is white.
Jami: Just because someone is from Texas, doesn’t mean they’re white. There are white people in Africa. That’s like saying they’re black, just because they’re from Africa.
Elva: Shut up, it’s not the same.
Nancy: *laughing* Yeah it is.

My mom got a new battery for my Tag Heuer watch. Yay!!! It tells me the date. I hope it doesn’t fog up in the spring or summer though. Cuz that is what hapened when I got off the plane in Cancun. Man I haven’t worn this watch since freshman year. Ohh she got a new band holder thing for the band too. Lol I dunno how else to describe it.

I had a dream sometime last week that Brandon read my journal and decided he wanted to be friends with me again and IMed me and way being nice. That was weird.

I also had a dream that Jenna gave me chocolate soda. Because once I saw that she had an away message up saying that she was drinking it. I used to drink that stuff when Ashley Scarbrough would come over in kindergarten and stuff. Haha. Now they only have it in diet though, which is weird.

I talked to Hannah a few days ago for the first time since Joseph! It’s been so long, she doesn’t even go to GCHS anymore!

Adam Brody (Seth on The OC) is a really good actor. When he looks at a girl that he is supposed to like (Summer or Anna), I can tell that Seth really likes her. That’s awesome.

I heard a rumour that Soundwiches come from Sam’s Club. It really makes me wish I was a member. I almost called Sarah Roman on Friday night to have her swipe me one. But I didn’t.

Ball State sent me info on the psych major. I talked to Courtney last night and she is currently visiting her cousin at Ball State. She said it’s a really pretty campus. I really hope I can get in for the fall. She said she’s going to pray for me. ❤

Words of wisdom from my dad
JAMI_SHAME ON YOU!Wierd! Check it out in spellcheck. You may have my
sense of humor, but certainly not my spelling gift.

I have a rough draft of what my schedule will be at CLC next semester.
American Pop Culture (History credit) MWF 10:00-10:50am
First Aid (PE credit) MWF 11:00-11:50am
English Composition 1 MW 1-2:15pm
Intro to Psychology TR 1-2:15pm
Choir Tuesday nights. the time depends on whether or not I get into the audition choir.
And some math class.
English Comp 1is offered so many times, the way I chose that one is that it was the only one listed that the teacher had a Jewish last name. Hahaha. But it works out because I’ll have an hour and 10 minute lunch break. I am actually getting excited about next semester. I NEVER in a million years though I’d be excited about going to CLC!

I talked to Josh Hauf the other day. He’s so depressed he can’t even smile. And people at his work call him “Smiles,” because he never does. I asked him about God and he told me he’s not sure what he believes in. I was able to convince him to pray. And I talked to him last night and he said he did pray, but he’s not sure he’s going to do it again. I am praying for him and I hope he does decide to pray again. But even if he doesn’t, once is way better than none. YAY GOD!!

On Joan of Arcadia on Friday, the God character said “Don’t be a smart a**.” That was so not cool. I’m not happy.

The FCC has decided that they will allow people to drop the f-bomb on tv and radio if they’re using it as an exclamation, and not referring to sex. That’s disgusting.

So on American Dreams, JJ is leaving for Okinawa next week. They think he’s headed to Vietnam. My dad thinks he’s not working out and they are going to kill him off. That would be sad. Hilary Duff did a fairly good job singing “Leader of the Pack.” I still don’t like her though.

I wish I had an older brother to look out for me. Even if he was really annoying and kept telling me what to do, I’d appreciate it.

We’re getting all these new channels next month. Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, TVLAND, FX, and Oxygen, among other things. Oxygen! Because sometimes Lifetime airs tv shows and we need those movies we’ve seen a million times to be on 24/7!! They should give us WE and Hallmark too lol. Oooh!! We’re also getting Bravo FULL TIME!! No more of that C-Span crap! I just wish they weren’t switching the channels around. Why can’t they just add them on at the end? It would make life so much less complicated!

I watched the stage version of Choklahoma (London version) on channel 11. It was mighty long and boring. I can’t believe D wanted to do that for last year. We wouldn’t have been able to pull it off though, because the only people who would have been able to dance the Laurie ballet are altos. And Laurie is definitely a soprano. I really do not like Hugh Jackman’s voice and he did a bad job masking his Australian accent. I think they changed the key to accomodate his voice. It was really annoying.

They’re reviving Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway in a couple months, right before my birthday. I think they should let Jews in half price. Jennie and I are going to stowaway on an airplane and sneak into the theatre. It’s on tv tomorrow night, but on TCM. I think my dad has TCM, I’m’a see if he’ll tape it for me. I really wish Christi would choose that for the summer show. They prolly won’t let anyone have the rights though, if it is being revived. Aww.

Last week, Jessica Wilson made a journal entry asking what vegetable best represents us and why. I really liked my answer, so I am going to share it. I’m an avacado. Because people think that I am a vegetable, but I’m actually a fruit. And when they find out I’m really a fruit, they are kind of surprised.

People keep IMing me and inviting me into the showchoir chat room. And when they see that I’m from Mundelein, they make sure to tell me that I was really good last year at Davenport or Nationals last year. And this is really annoying/amusing, because my profile on definitely says Mundelein Lights Alumni.

Britney Spears look-a-like?

Find your birth month.
Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. ?Changing personality?. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislike unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. ?Ambitious?. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. ?Spendthrift?. Tries to learn to show emotions.

I was planning on making an entry last night or tonight, but I’m sick. Not sick, but SICK. Like, I have a fever. It keeps getting higher. Right now it’s about 98.8º. And I know it doesn’t seem bad, but my normal temperature is 97.2º. I feel like crap. I can’t eat anything or I feel worse. Even chicken soup makes me feel worse. Anyway, I don’t like when people don’t post, so I figured I’d better explain myself. I’ll make a REAL post when I feel better. What a bad time to get sick. I just missed like two and a half weeks of school. I can’t miss anymore or I won’t graduate on time, but if I don’t stay home tomorrow, I can’t get better. Oh man. Okay, that’s enough complaining. Pray for me.

Okay, so I am not actually listening to the hampster dance song. Well, it’s running through my head, but that is a different story. I just think it’s funny that they actually sell it. And not only that, but it costs $40!!! But I definitely have a hampster dance buddy icon, which I stole from Brian two years ago (at least I give credit to those I steal them from!!!). Too bad they only have hampster dance the remix on the web site now. I found out about the original one when Darius came into our computer applications class and put it on Mr Juske’s computer and tv while he was out of the room. Haha.

I felt left out, so I made a list. And it was long. But I kept thinking of more and more things to add, and that bothered me. So I deleted it.

There was an article in the Trib yesterday saying that you should teach your babies to sign, so that they can tell you want they want before they can talk. That’s awesome. That makes me really glad that I took two years of ASL. Yay me!

Clay won the American Music Awards Fan’s Choice Award. And I voted. Has Ruben ALWAYS been bald?

So Tom keeps saying “dotykaj mnie” to me before he puts up an away message. And never tells me what it means! And he thinks it’s funny, because I don’t understand. So finally the other day I asked him what it meant and made fun of me when I asked him if it was something bad. He told me to find out what it means. And there is no free online Polish translator, so I wrote it down and I was going to ask Bart today. But I know Tom and I just had a feeling that it was dirty. So last night I kept calling him a jerk until he told me what it meant. It means “Touch me.” He’s such a jerk! I would have been so embarrassed if I had asked Bart what that meant. Oh my gosh! So I warned Tom and told him he’s still a jerk. He sent me the song “If You’re Not the One” by Daniel Beddingfield. Aww. He’s still a jerk though.

So, like, I haven’t really complained about anything in three months. Not that I miss it or anything. I just think that complaining every once in a while is okay, if it’s minimal. So here goes.

I don’t want to be a counselor! Not at all, not at all, not at all!! I want to be on Broadway. I want to still want to be on Broadway. I want to still have interest in theatre. I don’t want to go to grad school! I don’t want a master’s degree! I don’t want to have to pay even more money than just for four years! I don’t want to have to take classes I don’t want to take! I don’t want to do any work! I don’t want to write a stupid thesis paper!! But most importantly, I don’t want to go against what God wants. I love that He is being so clear, I just…this is so weird to me. But it’s been over a week, so I guess this is for real. I..I just don’t even know. I’m not going to go against it. And I am still going to pray about it. This is soooo weird for me. I sound like a broken record. But it IS weird for me. I just got my Sheridan application stuff in the mail. And I don’t even care. Jeez…

I remember when Mundelein only had ONE McDonald’s and it had a ‘carousel’ inside.

Jimmy Stipanowich needs a xanga too. He just does. The world needs to conform. Because I said so.

Yay. Just because. No, not just because. I definitely got one hour of sleep last night. Not just that, but I can’t function without a watch. My mom was going to go take my tage Heuer to get fixed, but she left the house without it. I was going to call her cell and tell her she forgot it. Her cell phone is here. If I can’t fall asleep tonight after only one hour of it last night, I will cry. but still yay. Because I am overtired. And overtired=Jami weirder than usual!

My watch stopped today. It’s been ticking since I was in 6th grade. It must have heard me last week when I said it was time for a new watch. I said it cuz I found this psychiatrist’s watch that is only 50 minutes and has Freud’s pic on it. Haha. I am hoping for it for Chanukah. I suppose the toe socks will just have to wait!

I turned on NBC a few minutes early tonight, before American Dreams. The news was on. Or Dateline. Something like that. They were talking about a boy with Cerebral Palsy. I didn’t pay attention. I can’t ignore this. Nothing in my life has EVER been this clear before. I wish God was ALWAYS this clear. But, like they said on Joan of Arcadia on Friday, if He ALWAYS told us what exactly what to do, there would be no room for faith.

Man, I really hope this entry wasn’t so long that Jennie had to skip over some of it!!

Congradulations! Your Britney spears! Oops you did
it again……..

What hot celebrity are YOU!
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You Are A Sloth Bear!
You Are A Sloth Bear!

What Species of Bear Are You?
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I took like three Crank Yankers quizzes and they all told me I’m Special Ed. Maybe they are tryin to tell me something.

Tonight I went to go see “Lifetime Movie Meets To Gillian on her 37th Birthday…And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson.” I think that sentence speaks for itself. No, but seriously, it was good and if they don’t make it into TheatreFest…well they just should. Kelly Burns was REALLY good though, and, as always, Hayley was really cute lol. That Lydia girl is really good too. There was a lot of language. A LOT. Matt Markgraf sounded drunk when he was a kid, and he sounded like Moonie when he was an adult. Haha. Allison Ainger was in it… *cough*

This conversation took place after the show, because Jonathan Searle was wearing a Wheaton College shirt
Jami: Wheaton College just lifted its 143 year ban on dancing. Cuz they gotta cut loose, footloose…
Jonathan: I see you’ve been watching the news.
Jami: No, I saw it on a web site.
Jonathan: Oh, cuz they played that song on the news.
Jami: Cuz it’s like the movie!
Jonathan: What movie?
Jami: Footloose

I had a dream last night that I told Christi why I’m not doing Cinderella and she said she understood and she thought it was a good idea. Then she told me the summer show is Into the Woods and I decided that I have already retired from theatre. lol.

And now some news from my country…
“Smarker, but ee’s gone blongie ’round the clonger! Trandy in the blang warked a newtie on the Cheebers, quaff me a duggle if it’s brine. Sorky, hang our trandy high!” says Anne-Marie Falopian, speaking for the demonstrators, in an apparently rousing response that draws a cascade of cheers.

Well, xanga was on “read only mode” yesterday, so I don’t know if I can remember everything I was going to write.

I called Ball State to let them know that they sent me info on the Geography major and the lady goes “It says here that we sent you psychology information.” Why would she argue with me? I think I would know what I got!! Indiana…

The FDA just approved a chewable birth control pill. It’s spearmint flavoured. And it’s Ovcon 35, which is what I take. But you have to immediatly follow it with an 8oz glass of liquid. So it’s really not worth it at all.

Last night on Joan of Arcadia, these stores were letting Kevin shoplift, because he is in a wheelchair and has enough problems to deal with. And he was really hurt. He’s really hurting. And nobody tries to make him feel better! And I hate it. I wish I could try to make him feel better. I wish I could crawl in the tv and comfort him. But I can’t. So I was thinking I might want to become a rehibilitation counselor (I have decided against family and marriage because that’s just the same thing over and over again and I would get bored). And then I was thinking about Will from American Dreams. This six year old that had Polio and has to wear a brace and all he wants to do is play football like his older brother and to play basketball with kids his age. And he can’t. Well, I think he is having surgery tomorrow, but that is beside the point. Then I turned on a Lifetime movie before and it was about this kid in a wheelchair. Then when I went to see the play tonight, it was about a girl in a wheelchair. And I think that might be a sign, but I’m just not sure yet.

This is from

Rehabilitation counselors help people deal with the personal, social, and vocational effects of disabilities. They counsel people with disabilities resulting from birth defects, illness or disease, accidents, or the stress of daily life. They evaluate the strengths and limitations of individuals, provide personal and vocational counseling, and arrange for medical care, vocational training, and job placement. Rehabilitation counselors interview individuals with disabilities and their families, evaluate school and medical reports, and confer and plan with physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, and employers to determine the capabilities and skills of the individual. Conferring with the client, they develop a rehabilitation program, which often includes training to help the person develop job skills. They also work toward increasing the client’s capacity to live independently.

Mental health counselors emphasize prevention, and work with individuals and groups to promote optimum mental health. They help individuals deal with addictions and substance abuse, suicidal impulses, stress management, problems with self-esteem, issues associated with aging, job and career concerns, educational decisions, issues related to mental and emotional health, and family, parenting, and marital problems. Mental health counselors work closely with other mental health specialists, including psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, psychiatric nurses, and school counselors.

I just don’t know yet. But I guess I have four years to decide.

LOS ANGELES – “American Idol” Kelly Clarkson (news) will get the chance to measure herself against her international counterparts.

In “World Idol,” a two-part special airing the evenings of Christmas and New Year’s Day, Clarkson will compete in London with winners from 10 other countries, including Lebanon, South Africa and Poland.

An international panel of judges, made up of one representative from each country, will comment on the performances. Then viewers from around the world will have the chance to vote.

Details on the voting process will be released later, according to the Fox network, home of “American Idol.”

The competitors are all winners of the first season of the “Idol” series in their respective countries — making second-season U.S. winner Ruben Studdard ineligible, the network said Wednesday.

The program will air 8-10 p.m. EST on Dec. 25, and 9-10 p.m. EST on Jan. 1.

The “World Idol” participants, besides Clarkson, are Will Young (news), United Kingdom; Heinz Winckler (news), South Africa; Alicja Janosz, Poland; Jamai Loman, Netherlands; Alexander Klaws, Germany; Kurt Nilsen, Norway; Diana Karazon, Lebanon; Peter Evrard, Belgium, and Ryan Malcolm, Canada; and an Australian contestant who will be selected Nov. 19.

While “Idol” winners get record contracts in the national contests, a Fox spokeswoman said she was unaware of a prize for the international champion.

Shows patterned after the original series, Britain’s “Pop Idol,” now are seen in more than 20 countries.

“American Idol” proved a major ratings hit for Fox. The premiere date for the third season of the U.S. show has yet to be announced.

You are Kimmy.

Which Undergrads Character are you
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Your soul is bound to the Yellow Rose: The

“I’ve travelled through the land of
surrender and seen it all. I throw my heart
out and keep my head up, and now I travel
through the land of peace.”

The Yellow Rose is associated with friendship,
intuition, and fun. It is governed by the
goddess Hestia and its sign is The Intertwined
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As a Yellow Rose, you always look out for your
friends. You would much rather have strong
ties with friends than a single tie with a
lover and your devotion to your friends is
clear. You may have great intuition and be
able to read emotions clearly, but sometimes
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What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
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I heard “Straight Up” on the radio before, and it made me want to bust out my tap shoes….but I didn’t. I don’t think I remember the dance to that anyway; it was so long ago. But I definitely know that that was the spinning buffalo song!!

My Ball State application came in the mail today. They want me to write a one page statement explaining why my grades are not what they should be. So I just need to think of a really good explanation of why I never did my homework. And then I need to figure out how to write a paper at an above second grade level. But I went to MHS, so I’m kinda screwed. But I sent away for information about the psych major and I got back infor about the geography major and an application for the school of architecture and planning. It said their office was open until 5pm on weekdays (and this was at 4pm), so I called and it said they were closed. See, already with the not knowing what time it is in Indiana!! Lol.

I think Will Smith needs to go on a stand up tour and come to Zanies in Vermon Hills.

I think Greg Proops cancelled his coming to Zanies. He’s not on the calendar anymore. His web site says he will be at Zanies in Chicago, but it said that last month, when he was on the VH calendar. The Chicago calendar for December is not up yet. I hope it’s a mistake. Sara! Jane was gon come with me! Oh, Proop poop!

I must admit, Friends is funnier this season than I expected it to be. They really need to lay off on the “Ross has been married 8 million times” jokes. They’re BEYOND old.

I decided that I will not be auditioning for Cinderella, as planned. I am so broke and I really need to get myself some mad *scrill, and I don’t think Family Video will want me if I can only work three or four days a week. I’ll still go see it though. I think it’s for the best though, because I will see if I actually miss theatre or not. I will most likely end up doing the summer show, and then retire after that. We’ll see. I just need some time away from it to think, so iss awl good.


I haven’t had background music on here for a few months, because, well, it was annoying. But I found a nice piano midi of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (Simon and Garfunkel version) and I thought it was really nice, so I added it. It’s like when you go to a fancy restaurant and their is a pianist. Hopefully this one won’t get annoying.

Wow, now that I have this positive outlook, it’s really sad to see everyone listing their negative qualities. It would be nice if everyone lists their POSITIVE qualities. Or make a list of the things you love, like I did. Follow MY example. DO IT! 🙂

Oh my stars, they’re making “Bewitched” into a movie for 2005!!! Nicole Kidman (*shakes fist*) is Samantha. Rawr. But Will Ferrell is Darrin…soooo awesome!! John Ritter would have made a really good Uncle Arthur. Aww. But Dick Van Dyke would too…sans the mustache (I definitely emphasized the SECOND syllable on that one…like in Britain hehe). george from Seinfeld’s mom (I said I don’t like it, I never said I haven’t seen it) would be an awesome Mrs Kravitz “Abner!!!” My dad thinks Jenna Elfman would be a good Samantha. I don’t like Nicole Kidman. She’s not even from Australia, she’s from Hawaii. Which is good because I like people from Australia and I want to marry one.

I decided that Weezie needs to join our xangammunity. I think we should all hunt her down one day after school and CORNER her and march her into the computer lab and stand over her shoulder while she signs herself up. Yes, that is what needs to happen.

So we got my blood test results back and there is nothing abnormal. Which is not necessarily good, cuz now I don’t know what is wrong. My mom decided that she should call my neuropsychiatrist and tell him about this and he prescribed me an anti depressant to take. There are SO many things wrong with that. First of all, I’m not depressed. At all. For the first time in my life, I am happy and I don’t understand how my mom can’t see that. Second of all, when you’re depressed you SLEEP, not NOT sleep. Oh, and my mom asked me if I know the difference between when I’m depressed and when I’m not. Umm…I’m 18, not four! PLus I took AP Psych and maaaaaaaaaan does it feel good to say that again!!! Miss AP Psych is baaack, biotch!! Haha but I don’t remember a whole lot from it. But I am sooo not taking that anti depressant. I didn’t even take them when I NEEDED them, why would I take it now? Anti depressants make Jami mad!! Haha that would have been so much funnier, had I said that out loud. Now I am thinking about Tonto, Tarzan, and Frankenstein lol.

So about this counseling thing, I figure if I still feel good about it in a week, then it’s for real. Whenever I get excited about something, it lasts two or three days, and then it’s just like yeah whatever. But I really think this is God speaking to me, I mean, I would NEVER want to go to graduate school!! I want to do as litle work as possible!! Lol. But I am still prayin about it. I think if I am going to be a counselor, though, I really need to learn how to not cry so easily. Some things take LOTS of work. Heh..

Shellie got a cell phone and she definitely made teh last four digits of her number a bad word that starts with an F! Hahaha that is so funny though. And it really IS smart, because I looked at it once and already have it memorized. Hahaha.

I am really glad nobody has complained about the length of my entries!

And now a quote from tonight’s episode of “The OC”
Ryan (to Seth): Sometimes I think you talk, just to make sounds.
You have little interest in your financial investments. You are not driven by material wealth and prefer to see where destiny takes you.

Preferring a more casual appearance, you are more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt than in a suit. You don’t like over dressing for any occasion, although you never look scruffy.

Variety is the spice of life! You are comfortable in any crowd or situation, and always come away with new friends.

You are a very practical person. It’s more important to you that the things you own are useful, rather than nice to look at.

A good listener. You are comfortable allowing others to take the spotlight and share their adventures. You are protective about your friendship and ensure the best for your friends.

You are very strong-willed, even bordering on stubborn. You like to take care of yourself before helping others, although you will never let people down.