Month: May 2005

I just got a new layout so I don’t want a new one for a while, but I think the next one I want is going to have these pictures in it.

And it will say “Do you have insurance on this car?”


Does anybody want to go see Sweeney Todd at PM&L? I don’t like it (Yeah okay I will probably go see the movie when it comes out next year) because it is sick sick sick Stephen Sondheim is a sick man for turning that story into a musical, but Mrs. Franco is playing Mrs. Lovett so that would be cool to see.

EDIT: I really wish I knew how this happened. I just took all my work clothes out so I could see how it all looked together and realised the security thing is still on the pants. WHAT?! First of all, they shouldn’t have missed that, second of all, hwo the heck did I get out of the store without the alarm going off? Guess it’s not just Great America that only makes it look like they care about security stuff. So now I have to get up early tomorrow and go out fo my way to have them take it off. Thank God I still have my receipt. but seriously, how did I get out of the store with that still on?

Okay it is time to get serious now. The Tonys are less than a week away now, so I decided I should put up a song that showcases Sara Ramirez’s voice, so we can ALL be upset when Joanna Gleason wins over her. This is definitely my favorite song in the whole show.

By the way, Kimberly Caldwell was arrested for drunk driving, for anyone who was wondering.

I missed some Shellie quotes.

Shellie: *on phone* We’ll be there in 10 minutes.
Jami: I’M driving.
Shellie: We’ll be there in 20 minutes.

Shellie: *at first sight of Hayden Christensen* Good Lord. $7.00 well spent.

Okay so Facebook told me they need 200 requests to add a school, so so much for that.

I decided not to call my roommate until I hear back from Eastern, since I sent my transcripts and a letter telling them I had to drop some of my classes due to unforeseen illness and sent a list of what I am taking this summer. Then by June 12 I have to either send them my housing deposit or a letter telling them I won’t be attending in the Fall. Actually June 12 is a Sunday (I know this because that is when Shellie and I are going to see Wicked) so technically it needs to be in before then. But I need to hear back from them first before I decide if I should send in my deposit. I don’t know, I am confused. I am counting on just going in the Spring. If I stay here for the Fall I’ll have a class with Shellie and Ryan might be taking Intro to Theatre with me. Yes, Ryan Koegel in my theatre class. I think that might be reason enough to stay haha.

But I just heard from Lindsey Appelhans via MySpace and she is also a psych major at Eastern and she loves it there. She says everyone is really nice and the psych program is really good. That is exactly what i wanted to hear.

Oh yes, when I was at Tom’s, his roommate told me Tom was never getting married. I KNEW IT!!! He thinks it’s funny to mess with me. Grr.

So I’ve watched most of the Reno 911 DVD. I’ve learned some pretty interesting things. Like Jackie was created when Thomas Lennon wrote on a sticky note “Jackie the Pickle Throwing Hooker.” That’s all he wrote and he just left it out and Kerri Kenney found it and brought her to life. Also, Clementine and Steed (the guy she married) were both created at The Groundlings before Reno 911 was in existence. Man I’d love to go to a Groundlings show with Wendi McLendon-Covey in it. She is awesome.

Just when I was at the point where I didn’t think I would be surprised of anyone from American Idol getting arrested…Kimberly Caldwell? Come on. It’s like they’re going out of their way to get arrested now.

Ari: Well I can handle you smacking me because when I went to The Mall of America and it was hella chill. We went to that Camp Snoopy and it was hella cool.
Jami: What does that have to do with me smacking you?
Ari: Well the correlation between those two is zero, but because I said it, it is one.

As amusing as that is to me I really don’t like him calling me and telling me he just drove home stoned and drunk. And the reason he drove home was because he had to pee. What the heck? See if I had gone out there last week I could have babysat him. Because he really needs it.

If I could keep him, Tom, and Torey in a cage, I wouldn’t have to worry about them causing trouble. Okay maybe Torey doesn’t need to be kept in a cage, he just needs someone to make him go to school. But Tom and Ari need to be kept in a cage and have a warden to watch them.

I can’t believe he drove like that. Man am I angry!

I just watched The Notebook. It was way overrated.

I also rented season one of Reno 911! And it would be nice to get out to Berwyn and watch it with Derek, but we both have jobs and Natalie is home for the summer now so I don’t see that working out.

While I was at Blockbuster I saw Mary Cate. I think I run into her more than anyone else. She asked me if I still talk to Torey and I said not since Michelle moved in with him, which apparently she didn’t know about. Well now the whole family knows haha. She was with Ryan Zak, who didn’t even care to say hi to me, which I thought was weird. I also saw Josh Trein, Mike Cavers, Alex Goldberg (who I don’t know), one of the Gunthers (couldn’t tell if it was Jennifer or Melissa), and someone who was working there who is a year younger than me but I have no idea what her name is. I think if I worked at that Blockbuster for a summer I would probably see everyone I went to high school with. Note to self: Don’t work at Blockbuster.
Jami: You seem like you’re in a really good mood.
Josh: How can you not be?—You’re in Mundelein.

Haha I ❤ Josh Trein.

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Haha that one about the swearing is so me it’s not even funny.

I think I need to stop putting off making real entires because by the time I am ready to make one, I forget everything I wanted to write.

Anthony told me I should check out the water park because it is really cool. I saw part of it yesterday driving passed, and I guess it looked kind of cool. But I wouldn’t give them a nickel of my money if my life depended on it. I’ll make him take pictures for me haha. Also, Brian put in his two weeks yesterday. Good.

I talked to Chauncey last week. He and his wife decided to work things out and they are all living in South Carolina. I’m glad they decided to work things out. 20 year olds should not be divorced. Well NOBODY should be divorced, but especially not 20 year olds.

Shellie and I saw Star Wars the other day and argued over what to medicate Yoda with. She said Perkidan or an amphedamine. I said Valium. If I was stressed out I wouldn’t want a pain killer or an upper, I would want a Valium to calm me down lol.

David told me I should watch Fight Club so I did. And now he is going to watch a chick flick in exchange…holy cow. Well I could sit here and pick that movie apart, but I am too lazy right now. I may later though. That whole movie could have been prevented had they just given the man some Thorazine. That is all I have to say about that lol.

And now some Shellie quotes.

Shellie: I have a talent that I can make anything sound sexual.
Jami: Grandma’s chicken salad.
Shellie: Yes, and Jami can turn anything into a FRIENDS reference.

Jami: Our Ethics teacher told us that the female pig orgasm lasts up to 30 minutes and male pigs are promiscuous and Scott said “I wish I was a pig.”
Shellie: Scott’s already a pig.

Okay so I got my roommate assignment. I will be in Taylor, but it doesn’t say if it is Taylor North or Taylor South. Weird. Apparently most of the rooms in Taylor have two desks with bookcases, two dressers with bookcases, and two regular dresses, but my room has four desks with bookcases, one dresser, one wardrobe closet (which leads to Narnia…or it should) and a dresser sized chunk taken out of it. Weird. My roommate’s name is Lauren and she lives in Algonquin. If I don’t hear from her by late Monday afternoon, I will call her. And then I can tell her that she might not have a roommate afterall. Hmm.

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And ignore what that says about sex, cuz I ain’t havin any!!!