Month: August 2003

I thank God for these new changes in my life. I feel so much better. And what’s REALLY great about it, is that I feel this way on my own (meaning I don’t have a boyfriend or a principle role in a show or a solo)! Everything is going to be okay!

I love Clay Aiken. I read the interview with him in Rolling Stone. The funniest part of it was something like this:

Rolling Stone: How do you feel about premarital sex?
Clay: I think it’s important to wait for that special someone.
RS: Are you a virgin?
Clay: I read an article with Britney Spears saying she regretted ever saying anything about it. I hate to repeat myself, but I think it’s important to wait for that special someone.
RS: Masturbation?
Clay: It won’t make you go blind.
RS: Do you know from experience?
Clay: You stop now!

Haha, he’s so cute! I can just hear him saying that in his North Cackalacky accent. His album comes out October 14!!!!

Jennie Santeler got Audrey, making her the first person that D has cast as a principle role in TWO musicals. Good for her! I told her in like May that she would get it and she didn’t believe me. She’s so excited. This is what she told me..

Audrey- Jennie
Seymour- Jon Searle (I’m picturing the Sound glasses lol)
Crystal, Ronnette, Chiffon, and Supreme- Khara Davis, Alison Searle, some new girl named Kayleigh, and some new [black] girl whose name starts with an S
Orin- Roly
Audrey II- David Bennett
Mr Mushnik- Zack Tirone
Skip Snip- Bryan Crowe
Patrick Martin- Jimmy
Mrs Martin and Mrs Luce- Al Korte and she told me the other one and it has slipped my mind
Neil is the dream Seymour that is gonna be in Somewhere That’s Green and Kara is the dream Audrey as well as the dance captain and female understudy.
Matt Markgraf, Jamie, Patrick Henning, Michelle, and Lauren Brehm, and some other people are in the chorus.
A voice not unlike God’s- Mr Cape

This is gonna eb a really good show. I’m looking forward to it. But I don’t like the play, cuz I hate the ending, plus I was just in it. So I’m only gonna go see it on prank night.

My foot is getting better.


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I finally got to talk to Josh Hauf last night, he seems really nice. After two trivia questions he said “Damn you’re good…I’m scared.” See, nobody can beat the master!!! Leave your FRIENDS trivia questions for me!

Due to my sprained foot, I had to take a bath last night. It was gross. I think it was Dogbert who said ‘It’s the least effecient way to get clean. You’re just soaking in your own filth.’ And he’s right. It was gross. But it reminded me how much I miss swimming. If I need a gym credit at harper, I’ll prolly take advanced swimming. Or tap. Or human sexuality. Why is that a gym credit? It should be a psych credit…

I watched the 2nd half of E! True Hollywood Story: The Real World last night. I don’t ever want to be on that show. I changed my mind. I’ve wanted to be on it for 6 years. There was an interview with Irene from Seattle (I don’t look like her). She said she didn’t leave because of her Lyme Disease, but because the producers were pulling her aside and saying “We just interviewed so and so and they may or may not have said they hate you.” And stuff like that. i mess up my OWN relationships, thank you very much. i don’t need help from a third party. That’s my whole reason for not ever wanting to be on tv or in movies. Because of the tabloids. It’s so hard to have a marriage to begin with. How could you possible have one with the press making things up and printing them? That’s why celebrities’ marriages don’t last.

I was lying in bed last night trying to sleep (and was sooo tired) and all of a sudden my foot started hurting so frickin badly. Just randomly. I was up all night from the pain. I wound up going to the emergency room at about 8am this morning. They told me what I knew. Sprain. They gave me Vicodin (Matthew Perry’s best friend) and a post-op shoe. I took a Vicodin. I feel horrible. I’m so dizzy and nauseaus (sp?). And it’s making me REALLY emotionally sensitive. I’ve been tearing up over everything. It’s horrible. I was on Vicodin for my knee surgery and I don’t remember it being like this at all. I feel so sick. I’m not taking anymore. It’s so early and I’m going to bed because of it. I bet this is what a hangover feels like.

Oh and I didn’t go to school today. And I don’t know if I mentioned but it’s my RIGHT foot. And I was gonna go driving this weekend too. I need my license before October 14 (Clay’s cd is coming out that day). Man, someone REALLY does not want me to get my license when I want it or to finish high school when I want to (I haven’t even mentioned this whole gym thing…I will later). SATAN, YOU STAY AWAY FROM ME, CUZ YOU AIN’T THE MAN I WANT TO SEE! I’M GONNA BE GOOD AS THE DAY I WAS BORN, CUZ I HEARD THE MAN WITH THE HORN. DO YA HEAR IT? BLOW, GABE…

I’m meeting with my lawyer tomorrow after to school, speaking of knee surgery. I sure hope we can get the money before I start college next semester. I have to pay for it myself cuz it’s more than CLC. And I’ll need a car cuz it’s a half hour away. I really wish Shellie was going there.

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I think I speak for everyone when I say…Jessica Simpson is so frickin dumb! I was watching “Newlyweds” the other day and she sat down on the couch next to Nick and she was eating out of a bowl and she goes “Am I eating chicken or fish? Like I know it’s tuna, but what is it? Cuz it says ‘Chicken By the Sea’.” And he was just giving her a look like “You’re such an idiot, why did I marry you?” Lol.

Heather and Greg broke up the other day. It was half way in between Shellie’s week and my week in the pool. I think I should get half the winnings, but since Shellie is the one who STARTED the pool, she says that I don’t get anything.

My birth control pills make me dizzy. . I have yet to try to see if I can still wear my contact lenses. It reminds me of my favorite 3rd Rock from the Sun quote.
Harry: *eating Sally’s birth control pills* This Pez sucks!
Sally: it’s not Pez, it’s progesterone.
Harry: Well then this progesterone sucks. *eats more*

Mrs Flanagan is pregnant now. I was passing by her classroom the other day and all I heard was her saying “My husband is the king!!” And I was like “whoa, don’t wanna know.” Lol. Oh man my mind is dirty!! Suddenly Semen…

So I was thinking, would I get Toxic Shock Syndrome if I had a bloody nose and used a tampon to stop the bleeding? I once dared Erin Latham to stick a tampon up her nose so I asked her the other day if she got sick from it and she said no. I think next time I have a bloody nose, that’s what I’m going to do.

As well as not feeling sorry for myself (which is making me feel MUCH better already), I have decided to try to not complain about things much and also not to dwell on things and not to let things bother me so much. I gotta ‘let things slide…like a ten pack of White Castle burgers.’ As Brian once said to me. It was over a year ago but it was just so funny that I remembered it. So I thought I’d put it in here lol. I still have a bunch to complain about though. I’m jus gonna try really hard NOT to. And, I know, what good is a journal without complaining? Lol. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll come back sometime.

So guess what i did yesterday. That’s right, I sprained my foot. I was riding a horse and I fell off and my foot got caught in the saddle. That’s actually not true, i just thought it would sound cooler than “I was walking home from school and my foot slipped into a hole in the ground and then I had to walk for another like 12 minutes.” I’m refusing to use crutches though. i was already on them 3 times my freshman year. It draws attention to myself that I don’t want. People think I’m an invalid and they ask me if I want a key to the elevator or if I need help going up and down the stairs. NO!!! If you want to help someone, ask someone in a wheelchair or with a walker!! Plus crutches are just a huge pain in the but. I’m in a lot of pain right now, but I just really don’t want to use them.

So speaking of spraining body parts…I’m thinking about how Jessica Fisher sprained her ankle a couple weeks ago. And I was thinking about how she was in Grease at the Schubert with Debbie Gibson. Debbie Gibson, was a judge on American Juniors. So that means I’m THREE degress of separation away from Ryan Seacrest. Woohoo! And FOUR degrees of separation from Clay Aiken!!!! Double woohoo!!!

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Kristen came home a few days ago, but she’s back in Chicago now. They’re leaving for school on Friday, sos he said she’d be back for a couple days before then. She didn’t say what day she’ll be back, but she gave me her number in Chicago and said we can hang out before she leaves for school. I think I am gonna call her in a little bit.

So the SBC Yahoo DSL people promised that we would have DSL ready to go yesterday. We hadn’t gotten anything, so my mom called. They said that we can’t get it because we’re too far away form the phone center or something. It was nice of them to tell us that three weeks ago when we ordered it.

On that note…

I started school. Believe it or not, I don’t feel like complaining right now, so I won’t even begin to. I don’t feel so bad anymore, because, as of today, I have counted 13 total people (including myself and also Katie Piper, whom I have yet to see) who have yet to graduate. I think we should have our own colour for colour war. Way to be, class of 2003! Julia came back though. Thank God. I don’t care that she’s not in pathways and I don’t care that i don’t see her. It’s just really nice to know that she’s back. Oh and I WILL be able to be done by winter break, because I am taking twice as much as I should. And if I work REALLY hard, I can be done 2 weeks early. I just have to try REALLY hard to stop spacing out. I also decided that I’m going to take summer school next year to catch up to people my age. I’d like to graduate in 2007 and also have roommates the same age as me, when I get to a 4 year college.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Clay Aiken. I have a couple songs DLed, most of which are a minute and a half long. I listen to each of them like 10 times a day, at least. There’s just something about his voice that is so comforting to me. And what’s funny is that the song that upset me so much when we sang it in choir (Bridge Over Troubled Water), is the very song that is making me feel better now. I don’t feel so alone when I hear HIM sing it. I don’t know why. Just something about Clay’s voice. I wish it was October 14th so I could have his album to listen to.

I decided that I just have to stop feeling sorry for myself. I’m so alone right now, except for God. And I have been for a really long time. But I know things are going to turn around, it’s just gonna be a while. Hopefully it will start on January 20th, when I’ll be around all new people. There will only be one person on campus who knows me, and whether or not he wants to be my friend again, or at least forgive me, I know that at the very least, he has the decency not to say bad things about me behind my back. And even if he did, I would assumed that college kids are mature enough to give me a chance and not listen to anything they’ve heard about me.

I got an e-mail from Courtney yesterday that had a bunch of quotes in it and one of them was “Everything is okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.” I don’t know who originally said that, but I’m gonna use that from now on. I really do believe it. I know I seem like a pessimist (I like to consider myself a short-term pessimist, long-term optimist), and I kinda am, but i do really believe that everything will work out in the end. I know everything happens for a reason and that whatever is meant to be, will be. I have a lot of faith in God and that’s all I need to get through this. And, unlike people, He will always be there for me no matter what. And He won’t give me anything that I can’t handle. I know I feel like I can’t handle a lot of stuff, but obviously I can, because I’ve gotten through it. And I’ve learned things. I’ve learned that people can be really selfish and make it look like they care about you, but they really only care about themselves. And, more importantly, I’ve learned that not all guys are Brandon.

“In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery, and death. I see the world gradually turned into a wilderness, I hear the ever-approaching thunder, which will destroy us, too, I can feel the suffering of millions, and yet, if I look up into the heavens, I think it will all come out right, that this cruelty will end, and that peace and tranquility will return again. In the meantime, I must uphold my ideals, for perhaps the time will come when I shall be able to carry them out.” -Anne Frank

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When tears are in your eyes,
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So the moral of the story is: just because I think someone hates me, doesn’t necessarily mean they do. And now she DOES.

I’ve managed to mess up every single relationship I’ve ever had in my entire life. Congratulations to me.

I just won’t talk to anyone anymore. And the world will be a better place.

Here’s to brand new relationships starting January 20th and to not messing them up.

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You must hold on to what you believe
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Hanging on for dear life

Xanga is FINALLY back up! I’ve been trying to post since Sunday. Do you know how bloody frustrating that is? Grrr…

So anyway, Saturday night/Sunday morning I had a weird dream. I was sitting in my family room, looking out the window. I guess it was really early in the morning, like right after sunrise, but the sky was blue. I looked into the sky and saw a round whitish/grayish haze and was like “oh, it’s Mars (Next month, Mars is supposed to be closer than it has been in 66,00 years or something like that). But then I realized that it couldn’;t have been Mars, because Mars is red. So I was like “oh, it’s just the moon still out.” Then I looked to the right and saw the moon. So I looked back at the thing and it seemed to be getting closer. Then I saw something black moving away from it, and realized it was a plane. Then the haze had something round and black falling from it, rather quickly, and I realized it was a bomb. And I didn’t know how close it was to us. I decided not to go upstairs to tell my mom and my sister, because if it was far, it wouldn’t affect us. And if it was close, we would die. So I just started praying and then everything started shaking and went in slow motion. The bomb had hit really close by. I woke up before I died.

Monday was my dad’s birthday, so on Sunday we had dinner at Embers Charhouse in Palatine. They sang during dinner, Rob was our waiter. He didn’t charge for some stuff that he was supposed to and I know him, so I wound up giving him $3 extra in his tip.

Then Sunday night I had a dream that I was walking outside of a store that had a guy holding them hostage. Someone told me that I should duck down in front of a pop machine and stay there, cuz if the guy saw me walking in front of the store, he’d shoot me, so I couldn’t tell anyone. I got up and he saw me. Then I woke up.

It was the middle of the night, so I went back to sleep. I’ve been thinking about how Phil Hartman was in the middle of three shows when he died and how much it would suck if one of the FRIENDS cast members died before they filmed the series finale. Especially David Schwimmer or Jennifer Aniston, because that would totally ruin the plot. Then NBC would feel guilty for begging them for 18 extra episodes. Anyway, I had a dream that somebody had shot and killed Reese Witherspoon (who was only in 2 episodes) and David Schwimmer. And they hid it. Then two weeks later, they finally released the info, but only to one web site. So nobody would believe me when I told them. Man, that was scary.

Then on Tuesday night I had a dream that Jack Osbourne strangled me to death. It was because of the season finale!!! I feel so violated by that episode!! I bought into the whole thing! It’s reality tv!!! Now I don’t know what’s real and what’s not and my brain hurts…

Some time this week (I don’t remember which day, because I was unable to update my journal), I finally was able to take Jenni out of my address book and out of my cell phone and off my buddy list, since I had gotten all my stuff back (okay, so the copy of Slaughterhouse-Five she gace me, the picture was cut off. But, hey, I can look at naked breasts whenever I want, so who cares. I’m just saying). So guess who IMs me the next day. We talked for an hour. No fighting. So I put her back on my buddy list, on probation. Which means she’s not in alphabetical order like everyone else. She’s on the bottom. I’ll leave her there for a month or two. If she IMs me, she stays. If not, she’s gone.

The other day, I got bit by somehing in my sleep. So if I die in the next few days, you’ll know why. Ever since I got bit, I’ve been REALLY tired and not feeling well. I’ve come to this conclusion: it wasn’t a homosapien, it wasn’t a simian, it wasn’t a feline, it wasn’t a canine, it wasn’t a mosquito, it wasn’t a snake, and it wasn’t a vampire. I think it may have been a spider.

James and I were supposed to go out last night. He told me on Saturday, as well as yesterday afternoon, that he would call me when he got off work (7pm) so we could figure something out. He never called. He has my number. It’s number 52 in his cell phone phone book.

I’m really hurting right now (and have been for a long time). I really need a friend. A REAL friend. Someone who will spend time with me OFFLINE. I wish Kristen hadn’t moved to Chicago. I wish she would still come home once a week. I wish Courtney had her phone number. If I had a twin, I would know her phone number.

It’s like I’m always stuck in second gear. It hasn’t been my day, my week, my month, or even my year…

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Yearbook signing was tonight. All my friends signed it. Let me count…oh, yeah…zero. Three people said hi to me; Sarah Roman, Kimmy Voss, and Liz Uczen. Liz and Sarah only said hi to me cuz they saw me in passing. George didn’t even say hi and he walked passed me. After 45 minutes I called Torey and it turned out he had already been there and left. Thanx Torey. I just left. I wasn’t gonna spend an hour and 15 minutes sitting around by myself, doing nothing, when i can do that at home.

And, still, nobody noticed that I wasn’t at graduation. Oh, and it turns out I won’t be able to finish in one semester. So I guess I COULD have been in Sound. But I’m glad I’m not.

There was a master singers picture that was taken when I wasn’t in school. That was, most likely, intentional. I was cut out of the Lights picture and a colour war picture. Erin Laurel was blocking me in the Anything Goes picture.

According to the yearbook, Brandon doesn’t exist. Too bad that’s not true to real life.

My buddy list just went from 115 to 49 and it should probably be even smaller than that.

I decided NOT to put Tom as a reference on the job application, because it says you have to have known the person for at least 5 years. He said he’d lie for me, but we didn’t discuss exactly how many years we’ve known each other, or how we met, so I know we’d get caught and that would ruin my chances of getting the job. Perlini said I could put her. I just don’t have anyone I’ve known that long that gives a flying fuck about me and it’s really depressing. I think I am just going to put down Kimmy Voss, because I know she’ll say nice things about me.

The only good news: I had a Portillo’s cheeseburger in my fridge and it lasted through the night.

I’ve been trying to post for like, hours. The server has been down. But I’m jus going to pretend like it is before midnight.

So, apparently, the reason I am so dumb, is because I’m depressed. It supposedly shrinks certain parts of your brain.

If I had Windows, I could get a David Schwimmer cursor for this page. Course, if I had Windows, I could do a lot of stuff that I can’t do now .

I totally forgot that I own stock in David Schwimmer. I just realised it like two days ago. I haven’t visited it again yet.

So I have this “Anonymously tell me what you think of me” quiz in my aim profile. Only one person has filled it out and here is what it said:
How nice is my smile? (Worst ==> Best) 8.0
 How nice are my eyes? (Worst ==> Best) 9.0
 How is my overall physical attractiveness? (Worst ==> Best) 7.0
 How nice is my face? (Worst ==> Best) 6.0
 How nice is my chest? (Worst ==> Best) 10.0
 Am I the appropriate weight? (Not at All ==> Absolutely) 7.0
 How annoying do you find me? (Not at all ==> Very) 7.0
 How is my musical talent? (Very Bad ==> Excellent) 9.0
 How is my sense of humor? (Very Bad ==> Excellent) 6.0
 How selfish am I? (Not At All ==> Very) 6.0
 Am I charming? (No way ==> Very) 6.0
 Am I honest? (No way ==> Very) 6.0
 Do I come off as fake? (Never ==> All the time) 1.0
 Do you trust me? (Not At All ==> Very Much) 6.0
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 How much do you want to kick my ass? (Not At All ==> Very Much) 3.0
 Do I have good morals? (Not At All ==> Very Good) 9.0

I hope I’m not a 6.0 on the selfish scale. I think it should be like 4.0. And as far as sense of humour, seriously, I should be at least an 8.0. I hate that it’s anonymous. I wanna know who put that! The only guys that have been on aim since I’ve had that in my profile are Brian, Derek, Doug, and Ricky. I swear it was Ricky, but he claims that it wasn’t him. Doug has not seen me in two years, and Derek has seen me few times in the past 2 years, the last time being at theatrefest in January. Obviously it wasn’t Brian, because if he had filled it out, he would not have answered the “how nice is my chest?” question. And, also, he would have put my sense of humour as way higher than 6.0. I can’t figure out, for the life of me, who filled it out! Grrr…

So I was really dizzy and not feeling well last night, so I went to bed at 1am. I woke up after an hour cuz I had to pee and then I couldn’t fall back asleep until around 7am. I had to be up at noon 30 cuz I had to go talk to my counselor at 1:30pm, and, of course, had to walk (leave at 1:15). So I figured I’d just take a nap after I got home. Wrong. Ari called me at 1pm and told me he’s leaving tomorrow morning and he’d be here in 2 hours, he just needed directions. Nice of him to give me a warning. I hadn’t even showered. So when I came home, I took the quickest shower in the history of man. Unfortunately, I had to let my hair dry naturally so that it would be dry. And by the time he got there, my hair was not dry enough for me to straighten. So we went to the mall and he only had an hour and a half, but after 14 years of not seeing him, it was enough. I wish I could have seen Hani and their parents, but it couldn’t happen. One out of four is better than nothing, I suppose. So he had never heard of Build-A-Bear, so we went there. Kristin Cozzi was working. We wound up talking to her for a long time and I picked up an application (third time’s a charm). She asked what his relation to me was and he told her he was my half brother and I started laughing, so he had to tell her the truth. Oh, and he told me that i look more Jewish than he does. I KNEW he was going to say that!! But, he’s only half Jewish, so it makes sense.

So I started to fill out my application and it asked for my last supervisor’s name. I couldn’t remember the guy’s name and he was only there like two days when I was working and he sucks anyway, so I just put Regina. But I didn’t know her last name, so I called Tom. He said he was in Ft Lauderdale and had literally just stepped off the plane. He told me I should always put him as a reference, cuz he’ll say better things about me than anyone else. Which I don’t doubt in the least bit, cuz he’s the only person who doesn’t think I suck. I think Drew would actually be a good person to put down too. but I’m not going to. I think I’ll just put Kimmy Voss or Maggie.

hooray, you are a big slow steagasourous. Although
you are big and fat you make up for it in
brains, you make better decisions about things.
you love eating green plants but you wont pass
up a good decaing carcass you also like taking
long naps. you dont have many predators other
than larg cliffs;)so watch out.

what type of dinasour are you?
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YOSHI! You are cute and loyal. You’re an awesome
friend and are always willing to lend a helping

Which Mario Bros. character are you?
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you are Donna
You’re Donna Pinciotti. You have a funny last name.
You’re detirmined to become someone important,
and you get really pissed if someone gets in
you’re way. You have granny panties.

Which ‘That 70’s Show’ Character Are You?
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You are light-hearted and carefree!

Which lyrics best fits your personality? (unisex)
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You’re Dopey! You don’t talk much. You often want
Snow White to kiss, you charmer you! You’re
probably the most favorite dwarf of all cause
you’re so “slow”.

Which of the seven dwarfs are you?
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alt tag
Your Clay Aiken! People might think your a geek
sometimes, but your sure to win them over with
your amazing voice!

Which American Idol 2 Person Are You Most Like?
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50% addicted to Xanga: Yayness, you have a life!

Are you addicted to Xanga?
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Karis, I know you don’t read this, but just in case you get really bored and decide to, I’d just like to say that I really don’t appreciate being lied to. If you don’t want to be my friend anymore, just tell me. Not like I’ve never heard that before. I’m done with you. I’m sure you don’t care.