Month: January 2006

I was obviously extremely happy about getting my picture taken lol.


When I hand in an assignment in class and get it back with a rubric/grade sheet and my name is spelled “Jamie,” does that mean my teachers think I don’t know how to spell my own name? This has happened to me too many times to count. And then when people FINALLY figure out how to spell my FIRST name, my LAST name gets spelled wrong too, because they are only concerned with spelling my FIRST name right. Once in high school I got a grade sheet back from Mr. Kuhn and my name was spelled “Jami Robbins.”
Jami: Mr. Kuhn, you spelled my name wrong on here.
Mr. Kuhn: No, I didn’t; it says J-a-m-i.
Jami: You spelled my LAST name wrong.
Mr. Kuhn: But that’s how Baskin Robbins spells it.
Jami: *smacks forehead*

And then there is the fact that my birth certificate looks like this: Jami RobbinsRobins. But we’re not going to get into that.

Some people think it’s funny to spell my name “Jamie,” while talking to me online, because they know it makes me mad.

Anyway, the point is, next person who spells my name wrong walks the plank.

So my Dad called me earlier and said “I’m dying for a vacation. Let’s go to the UMJC conference in Virginia this summer.” Which was weird, because 1) It came out of nowhere, 2) That’s not exactly what I would call a vacation, and 3) When I asked last year if we could go he wasn’t really interested (he was going to be out of town that weekend, but still) and I got the impression that he wouldn’t be interested plus it’s expensive and so is airfare etc etc. But I will admit I wanted to go last year for the wrong reasons, so it’s all good. But yay I am excited! I will have to miss a few days of internship but who freaking cares, we have an extra week of summer anyway. Although I am looking at the web site now and it looks like there is not a whole lot going on for people my age and it’s mostly for adults, but it’s still early so it is possible that the information is not complete. So we’ll see. I was told to watch the web site lol.

I thought of something else about butt cracks. I remember posted this during the 3rd season of American Idol and I really thought the article was real until they mentioned one or two American idol contestants that had already been voted off lol.

This is from girls’ retreat. I would be the one in the Tinkerbell pajamas lol. Rebekah Stewart posted this on Facebook. I bet she had a lot of fun tagging people lol.

Okay I have a dilemma. I am being made to go to a 70s party at John Parrott’s house on Saturday night, so I am making my Mom send me stuff to wear lol. I have a choice between two shirts that she wore in the 70s, but I need help deciding which one to wear.

This one

or this one

The second one says “Jews For Jesus” on it.

I am leaning towards the first one, just because who would know the second one is actually from the 70s, but my Mom is sending both because who knows which will fit me, because my breasts are bigger than hers were then haha.

So the girls’ retreat was this weekend. It was a good time. One of the things the speaker talked about was dressing modestly. What they did is a couple weeks ago they gave an anonymous survey to some of the guys at Campus House and asked them how they feel about girls who dress…scantily clad. And they all said that they don’t like it, it’s a huge distraction to them and it’s not something they want to see and they think dressing modestly is what’s “sexy.” Sometimes boys make me happy. One of the specific areas of dressing modestly is making sure your pants are up high enough that people can’t see your crack and it reminded me this, which I could have sworn was from SNL, but it turns out it is from the Man Show, which means I now have to admit to having watched it at least once lol. I got to talk to Melissa a lot, as well as Danielle. Yay. We made pens for a craft. Mine is pretty. Here’s a picture.

There is an amazing McDonald’s ad on one of the bulletin boards downstairs. Unfortunately, the camera phone can only capture so much.

Underneath it says “this is the best deal.” Then it says something about the McDonald’s dollar menu.

Tonight the movie at Buzzard was Rent. It was funny because I owed Susan a dollar for gas and I totally forgot about it until the line in the movie “Hey, artist, you got a dollar?” And then I pulled out a dollar and handed it to her and she goes “good timing.” Hehe. People laughed during the funeral scene, I don’t know why. I am in the middle of watching a bootleg of the OBC. I stopped it on intermission so I could write an entry and watch BMW.

Here are a couple funny links:

James Lipton recites one of Kevin Federline’s rap songs

Lazy Monday: The Chronicles of Narnia Rap (Parody) I think I am more amused by this one than the original lol.

Jami86e (3:43:19 PM): alive?
Sir Torr (3:44:19 PM): not quite
Jami86e (3:44:24 PM): why not?
Sir Torr (3:44:33 PM): umm
Sir Torr (3:44:50 PM): monkeys?
Jami86e (3:44:54 PM): o ok
Jami86e (3:45:30 PM): any chance that happened around 10:15 this morning?
Sir Torr (3:46:00 PM): possibly, i was sleepin, monkeys tend to do stuff then

Torey was eaten by monkeys. I guess that’s what that feeling was. No worries.

Something’s not right. I was at girls’ retreat and sitting listening to the speaker this morning and all of a sudden, right around 10:15am I get this weird feeling that something bad happened or is about to happen. I felt bad because I couldn’t concentrate on the speaker. I came online, no weird away messages, Xanga/LJ entries, or MySpace bulletins. But something’s not right. I REALLY hope I am just being paranoid.

Lol I just took a shower and I feel like Jami again. It’s amazing what a good shower can do. This is also my first shower since Saturday, because I have been feeling so crappy and didn’t really go anywhere. I know that’s gross, but oh well. So glad to be back!!

Oh but I laughed at a Clay Aiken joke on Conan and I feel bad. I missed the first half of it, but the second half of it was some guy is claiming that he had sex with Clay Aiken after meeting him on the internet. He said he knew Clay Aiken was gay when he met him online, because his screen name was “Clay Aiken.” Just for the record, he’s not gay. He wanted Daniella.

But that reminds me of another joke Conan told last week.

Kelly Clarkson is refusing to let the contestants on American Idol use her music. In a related story, Justin Guarini is refusing to let the other janitors use his broom.

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It’s good to be back!!!!

Ridiculous is what this is

I feel so crappy. All I feel like doing is laying in bed. Can’t I just do that and not have to worry about classes or anything else? I don’t even want to go on the girls’ retreat tomorrow, but I already paid and my Mom paid money to ship my sleeping bag. I also really just want to be alone. I hate having to share a room. It’s nothing against Kari, I just need privacy. And I can’t afford $750 to have a single. This really sucks.

I feel bad for complaining so much.